• Meituan Componentized Event Bus Solution Improvement: ModularEventBus


    Please like and follow, your support means a lot to me. 🔥 Hi, I’m Xiao Peng. This article has been included inGitHub · AndroidFamilymiddle. Here is an Android advanced growth knowledge system, and like-minded friends, pay attention to the official account [Peng Xurui] to help you build your core competitiveness. foreword Hello everyone, I am […]

  • How to get nearby address information by latitude and longitude coordinates?


    Latitude and longitude are precise coordinates to determine the location of each location. Using coordinates to describe a location is very accurate but not intuitive, and it is not user-friendly. HMS Corepositioning serviceThe reverse geocoding function is provided, which can obtain detailed addresses of nearby places through latitude, and convert coordinates into geographic descriptions. For […]

  • MobTech SMS Verification Android API


    SMS SDK callback (afterEvent) /** * cn.smssdk.EventHandler.class * SMS SDK callback * @param event event code * @param result result code * @param data callback data object */ public void afterEvent(int event, int result, Object data) sample code EventHandler eh = new EventHandler() { @Override public void afterEvent(int event, int result, Object data) { // […]

  • MobTech SMSSDK Android Quick Integration Guide


    Development tools: Android StudioIntegration method: Gradle online integrationAndroid version support: minSdkVersion 19 Preparations before integration Before registering an account and using SMSSDK, you need to register a developer account on the MobTech official website, add an application and obtain the AppKey and AppSecret provided by MobTech. For details, please click to view the registration processSMSSDK […]

  • How to achieve precise advertising while protecting user privacy?


    When users browse App pages, if pop-up advertisements that they don’t like often pop up, it will not only damage the user’s browsing experience, but also make users disgusted with the advertisement content. As an App marketer, it is very important to accurately capture user needs when placing advertisements online without arousing user resistance. When […]

  • How to customize SMS login for Android


    The SMS verification code SDK provides developers with a universal SMS verification code tool. Developers can use it to embed the SMS verification code SDK in the App, and simply set up SMS verification. The integration is fast and convenient, and it is easy to manage later Write xml layout to create your own login […]

  • Drawable in Android (3)


    PS: This article is a reprinted article, the readability of the original text will be better, and there is a link to the original text at the end of the article Catalog 1, TransitionDrawable2, InsetDrawable3, ScaleDrawable1, TransitionDrawable We continue to analyze other commonly used Drawables based on the Drawable in Android (2) article; the corresponding […]

  • Heart meets Android startup optimization practice: reduce startup time by 50%


    Image from:…Author of this article: ZZG foreword As an important part of APP experience, startup speed is the focus of each technical team. The increase or decrease in the startup time of a few hundred milliseconds will affect the user experience and directly reflect on retention. Xinyu APP, as an application designed to meet the […]

  • It’s a simple Android timing tool, but I haven’t tried it yet.


    Hey! Hello everyone, I haven’t updated for a long time, mainly I don’t know what to write, and I don’t know how other bloggers create, but for me, it’s really difficult to create an original day, but the boss Iron guys, don’t worry, you can’t do daily updates, but you can still do intermittent ones. […]

  • MobPush Android push message data analysis recommendation implementation


    The main types of MobPush push message analysis needs are divided into TCP messages and manufacturer messages. TCP messages: MobPush application online defaults through the TCP channel created by MobTech itself, called TCP messages. Manufacturer’s message: The push of the application end process status needs to go through the manufacturer’s channel (Huami OV charm channel). […]

  • Best implementation of MobPush specified page jump


    Use Scheme to jump to specified page iOS client code configuration Please implement the following code in the specified VC that needs to be jumped to, where mlink:// is the restore path identifier #import <MobPush/MobPush.h> #pragma mark —Scene restoration— //Click to push the scene to restore the path + (NSString *)MobPushPath { return @”mlink://”; } […]

  • Use DialogX to quickly build Android App


    Use DialogX to quickly build Android App dialog boxes Traditional native dialog components existmemory leak, Insufficient customization, the development is often troubled by all kinds of strange crashes, facing products and designers such as “the rounded corners of the dialog box are larger”, “can you follow theiOSThe fuzzy effect of the design draft, “Sliding down […]