Catchadmin publishing, refactoring based on element


Catchadmin publishing, refactoring based on element

CatchAdminIt’s based onthinkphp frameworkandelement adminSecondary development from the background management system. Because ThinkPHP is simple, efficient and complete. After looking at a lot of background management systems in ThinkPHP ecosystem, I found that there is no suitable front-end and back-end separation system. Catchadmin was developed.

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  • user management Background user management
  • Department managementConfigure the department structure of the company and support the tree structure
  • Post managementConfigure background user’s job
  • Menu managementConfigure system menus, buttons, etc
  • Role managementConfigure the roles of users and assign permissions
  • data dictionaryManage background table structure
  • Operation logBackground user operation record
  • Log inLogin records of background system users
  • code generationGenerate curd operation on API side
  • Sensitive wordsSupport sensitive word configuration
  • Attachment managementManage uploaded files
  • Wechat management

Project address

Environmental requirements

  • Php7.1 + (need the following extensions)
    • mbstring
    • json
    • openssl
    • xml
    • pdo- nginx
  • mysql

How to install

Make sure composer is installed before installing

Download project

Download via git (recommended)
git clone && cd catchAdmin
curl -sS | php
composer config -g repo.packagist composer
composer install

Composer installation

composer create-project jaguarjack/catchadmin:dev-master


After the download is completed, install through the command, one click installation

php think catch:install

Experience address

Experience address

Catchadmin document address

A series of articles

If you are just starting to use thinkp6, the following article may be helpful to you. The article is based on RC3 version. The overall architecture remains unchanged.


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Catchadmin publishing, refactoring based on element


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