Case of data time zone of JVM virtual machine


In the process of Java program, the memory it manages will be divided into several different data areas.Xingchi mining serverThese areas have their own purposes and the time of creation and destruction. Some areas always exist with the start of the virtual machine process, while others are established and destroyed depending on the start and end of the user thread. According to the Java virtual machine specification, the memory managed by the Java virtual machine will include the following runtime data areas, as shown in the figure below.

Is a small memory space, which can be regarded as the line number indicator of the bytecode executed by the current thread. Its core function is to store the memory address of the next JVM instruction to be executed.

As the thread here says,Xingchi mining serverThat is, there will be no concurrency security problem. Among the five parts of the JVM runtime data area, only the Java heap and method area are shared by threads, and the other three are thread private. This knowledge point will be mentioned later.

Object reference, etc. The storage space of these data types in the local variable table is represented by local variable slots, in which 64 bit long and double data types will occupy two variable slots, and the other data types only occupy one. The memory space required by the local variable table is allocated during compilation. When entering a method,https://www.starpool.cnHow much local variable space needs to be allocated in the stack frame of this method is completely determined, and the size of the local variable table will not be changed during the operation of the method (the “size” here refers to the number of variable slots).