Can you still find a job after two years of unemployment?


I have such a friend, who is also my faxiao, working as a programmer (operation and maintenance). At present, he is in Shanghai. He graduated four years. Two years ago, he resigned for half a year because of fun. After half a year, he found that his skills were wasted. He still maintained an indifferent and indifferent attitude and played for another year and a half. So far, he has been unemployed for two years. Now it’s even harder to find a job. In addition, the recent environment is not very good. As a friend, I advised him many times. I tried to persuade him many times. At first, I still listened. Later, I simply locked myself in my room. Working during the day, I’m not sure if he’s really looking for a job at home. He said he was looking, but he sent his resume and didn’t have an interview. How should I help him. After 2 years, I asked my friends and I to borrow some money. I didn’t borrow much, 2W or so.

How can I help him? In addition, the recruitment and operation and maintenance personnel in Shanghai can also contact me. Thank you very much.

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