Can I find an internship after seven months of self-study?


Let’s start with the conclusion: Yes!

If you haven’t found it in 7 months, it means you’re not diligent enough or you don’t study by yourself.

Let’s talk about how my roommate taught himself how to get an offer of 20W + in three months.

In April 2018, he began to teach himself Java. Although we are all science classes, the foundation of Java is basically zero, so he began to learn from the most basic knowledge of Java variables. Finally, after learning the SSM framework, I did a small project with the video and began to recruit students in autumn

The video is a complete set of videos of a training institution.

  1. 2018.04-2018.06 watch videos to learn java foundation and framework

During this period, he basically got up at 8 a.m. and began to watch videos. In addition to eating time, he learned to go to bed at 12 p.m. Because a video is an hour or two, he can only watch three or four videos a day. He admires him very much and never fast forward.

At this time, you should watch the video, type the code and write a blog summary.

(1) There is no doubt that Java foundation needs to be learned, and it needs to be learned very solidly. From my interview experience, the basic interviewer asked a lot of questions, including variables, sets, reflections, agents, NiO, atomic packages, and contracting, threads, etc.

(2) Although jQuery and bootstrap are front-end frameworks, it is still necessary to master them. At least you can understand it.

(3) You must learn at least one kind of MySQL database. It is recommended to learn mysql. Crud, multi table query, the principle of index, etc. Whenever you ask about the database in the interview, you will ask the index.

(4) You also have to play Linux. You should know the basic commands. It is recommended to buy a server to play. It will naturally happen after a long time.

(5) There is no need to learn about SSM struts. It is recommended to learn about SSM. Spring AOP IOC should focus on mastering the basic knowledge first, and then do a small project.

A complete set of videos probably learned these things, and there are some suggestions to learn

(6) Spring boot now most new projects are built using spring boot to simplify the configuration and have time to learn.

(7) You have to learn redis

  1. 2018.07-2018.09 internship

During the summer vacation, I forced him to practice with me for two months. It is suggested that those who can find internships should practice as much as possible, which will add points to the interview. In the internship stage, he completed a project independently using SSM, which increased the success rate for his subsequent interview.

  1. September 2018 to October 2019

To sum up, in the learning process, my requirement for you is to type more code and take more notes. Try to knock every demo. It’s no use just looking at it. Only when you knock can you know where it won’t be worth improving. When you watch the tutorial knock it again, knock it again according to your own understanding, and finally form an article that can be written on your own blog, which is also helpful for looking for a job in the future. Learn some common algorithms and data structures, as well as some basic computer knowledge and operating system. At the same time, keep up with the times and learn common things such as springboot, springcloud and distribution.

For self-study, I recommend the way of Book + video. Videos can give you better guidance and provide you with ideas, while books can make you study more systematically and comprehensively. If you have any questions about learning Java, you can ask this group at any time about how to improve learning Java, learning methods, learning skills and quickly reach the technical level of employment. A long-standing java learning exchange group has been established:796 866 257
You can ask questions you don’t understand at any time. You can also download the learning materials at all stages of Java. There are many big guys in it. You can also ask questions about the front end and python.

The most important thing is to type more code and take more notes!!!!