Can I date someone on vscode???


Vs code can be used to fall in love now.

In order to find a boyfriend (girlfriend) in the most hardcore way, 23-year-old programmer Ben Awad built a dating software vsinder in vs code.
Can I date someone on vscode???
As the name suggests, vsinder = vs code + tinder is to integrate the dating software into the code editor, which is just too good for programmers.

The operation logic of vsinder and tinder is the same. Slide left to pass people you don’t like, and slide right to collect people you like.

As soon as the plug-in went online, it quickly won the recognition of programmers. GitHub has gained 800 stars, with more than 9000 downloads in three days.
Can I date someone on vscode???
Find true love in code

Since it’s a dating software for programmers, it can’t be the same as other dating apps. It must have its own characteristics.

The feature of vsinder is that it can filter objects according to programming language and code style.
For example, if you use Python and she uses C, you may not have a common language. In order not to quarrel about which language is the best in the future
Can I date someone on vscode???
The language used by the other party will be displayed with a logo next to the person’s name.

Of course, even using the same language programming, the level also has high and low, if the other side programming level can not meet their own requirements how to do?

Don’t worry, vsinder is different from face only dating software. It attracts the opposite sex by code. (after all, code is the face of programmers.)

Fill in the code pics column with your favorite code to let the other party know your level at a glance.
Can I date someone on vscode???
Vsinder also takes sexual orientation into consideration. You can also choose the gender of your date. Or you just want to find a same-sex friend to exchange code with, just choose friendship in the program.
Can I date someone on vscode???
Of course, it’s also important to find a partner. Vsinder doesn’t support manually modifying your avatar, but automatically grabs your GitHub account. If you want to be handsome, you have to modify your GitHub avatar.

And mobile apps

Since it’s a dating software, how can it only run on a computer?

Although mobile phones can’t run vs code, Ben has also developed vsinder’s mobile app for download. Now it supports IOS and Android.
Can I date someone on vscode???
Just log on your GitHub account and complete the information. It’s no different from tinder, except that there are not a lot of beautiful photos.

So in the past three days, has anyone found a boyfriend (girlfriend) on vsinder? I’m afraid not. Some people have been skating for half an hour, and they haven’t found a single female programmer.
Can I date someone on vscode???
However, this situation is not hard to predict. After all, GitHub is “the largest gay dating community in the world”.

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Source: qubit
Can I date someone on vscode???
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