Can I change the default opening method of Mac OS X video and audio files?


I don’t like Apple’s default player. I’m used to a third-party player. How can I change the default way of opening Mac OS X video and audio files? It’s very simple. Let’s share the detailed operation process. You can come in for reference if you need.

1. Right click a type of audio and video file and select“Display Brief

2. Find it in the document introduction interface“▶ opening mode“, you can see that the default player of MP4 is”QuickTime Player“。

3. Click this list box to see that the playback software that can be used to open MP4 is installed on your Mac. You can select the default player you need to set in the list.

3. If you have installed a player, but it is not displayed in the list, you can click the“Other… “

4. Click other to open the “application” folder. You can find all installed programs here. Just select a player and click Add to add to the list

5. As shown in the following figure, I have specified this player for the current MP4. If I want all MP4 files to be opened with this player, click“Change all“

6. The system will pop up the confirmation box and click continue to complete the setting. In the future, all MP4 will be opened with this player.

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