C Series 1 – Original Intention & brief introduction


1、 Original intention

Originally want liver algorithm or privately do it, but in a communication company will not C, work can not do








Liver, will not be very detailed, but as long as I write it out, I will not, or need to summarize, the following reference book of Niu * is much better than the college textbook Tan Haoqiang. ​



2、 Efficiency

Assembly language is a series of internal instructions designed for the special central processing unit, using mnemonics: different CPU series use different assembly languages, which can be fine tuned according to the specific situation to obtain the maximum running speed or the most effective use of memory.

3、 Portability

4、 In a nutshell: object oriented programming is a philosophy that adapts to problems by modeling languages, rather than modeling problems to fit languages.

C + + is almost a superset of C, which means that any C program is almost a C + + program.


5、 The CPU has its own small work area and consists of several registers. Each register can store a number. A register stores the memory address of the next instruction. The CPU uses this address to obtain and update the next instruction. After acquiring an instruction, the CPU stores the instruction in another register and updates the first register to store the address of the next instruction. The CPU has a limited number of instructions to understand (the set of these instructions is called the instruction set). Moreover, these instructions are quite specific, many of which are used to request the computer to move a number from one location to another. For example, moving from memory to registers.

6、 Source code:


3. Blog Garden: https://www.cnblogs.com/ruigege0000/

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