C / C + + project development: do library management system with C + +, Xiaobai can also learn!


Today for you to introduce a commonly used management system – library management system, I hope you can personally practice it.

Book information includes: login number, book name, author name, classification number, publishing unit, publishing time, price, etc. A book information management system is designed to provide the following functions:

(1) Book information input function (book information is saved by file)



(2) Book information browsing function

(3) Query and sorting function: (at least one query method)

. search by book title

. search by author name

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(4) Deletion and modification of book information



The implementation interface is as follows:



Project structure display:



Part of the source code display:



A library management system based on VC + + access source code, functions: book information management and maintenance, reader information management and maintenance, borrowing and returning books management. Steps of compiling source program:

1. Remove the “read only” attribute.

2. Copy database Library.mdb To any location.



3. For Library.mdb Build a system ODBC data source: library.

4. Compilation is not affected by the location of source file and database. In other words, the entire project of the library can be compiled if it is copied anywhere.