C ා the corresponding value range of basic type and. Net framework type

C ා type name explain Value . net framework type Default value
sbyte 8-bit signed integer -128~127 System.SByte 0
byte 8-bit signed integer 0~255 System.Byte 0
short 16 bit signed integer -32768~32767 System.Int16 0
ushort 16 bit unsigned integer 0~65535 System.UInt16 0
int 32-bit signed integer -2,147,483,648~2,147,483,647 System.Int32 0
uint 32-bit signed integer 0~4,294,967,295 System.UInt32 0
long 64 bit signed integer



System.Int64 0
ulong 64 bit signed integer 0~18,446,744,073,709,551,615 System.UInt64 0
float Single-precision floating-point 1.5×10-45~3.4×1038
System.Single 0.0f
double Double precision floating point number 5×10-324~1.7×10308 System.Double 0.0d
bool Boolean value true false System.Boolean false
char Unicode string U+0000~U+ffff System.Char \x0000
decimal The decimal type has a significant digit precision of 28 digits ±1.0×1028~±7.9×1028 System.Decimal 0m
object Base classes for all other types, including simple types   System.Object  
string A sequence of 0 or more Unicode characters   System.String  
dynamic Use when using assemblies written in dynamically typed languages   There is no corresponding. Net type