Building a server virtual machine in VMware Workstation pro (Graphic tutorial)


VMware Workstation Pro version I use:

1. First, click create new virtual machine on the main page of VMware Workstation Pro;

2. After the first step is completed, the welcome to the new virtual machine wizard window will pop up, where we choose to use“Typical”Then proceed to the next step;

3. Click Install later and then next;

4. After step 3 is completed, a new window will appear. Here, please select the Linux system. The version corresponds to your own computer. My computer is 64 bit, and other computers now have 32-bit, 64 bit and 128 bit. You can see the configuration selection of your own computer first. Ubuntu 64 here is 64 bits, while Ubuntu is 32 bits. Although it has 128 bits, this version of virtual machine has no corresponding virtual machine bits. You can select the low bit, and the high bit is compatible with the low bit. Then select next;

5. The next window will be to name and specify the path for your virtual machine. You can decide where you want to put it. I don’t need to say this. Everyone knows. Then the next step;

6. After 5, you can allocate memory space and storage status to your virtual machine. Here’s my personal suggestion: use the default memory space, select a storage from the storage status menu, and then go to the next step;

7. On the following page, you can define the disk. It depends on your personal wishes. It can be operated without modification. It can also be modified after construction. Don’t be afraid that it can’t be modified later. At this point, you see the completion option, which means that you have built a virtual machine. If you haven’t customized here, please click before starting the virtual machineEdit the virtual machine settings, and you will see an image in the following figure,Installation address:

Find him and put him in the corresponding position in the figure below, and then confirm.

Then you will see your virtual machine name on the main page. Click virtual machine and you will see the following page:

8. Open the virtual machine and you will see the following window contents. In order to make the system more fluent, I choose English. If you can’t understand the contents, please choose the language you understand. Then click the e-sports virtual machine and press enter to enter the next page;

9. Click Ctrl + enter to enter the next page of the virtual machine, and you will see it in the next page;

10. You will see the following languages, corresponding to the language you selected for the first time, and then run enter;

11. Next, select your corresponding address. If you don’t have the location you want, select other and enter, and you will see the content of the second picture.

At this time, the selected continent is China, so I choose Asia. Then you will see China in the third picture, select it, and thenPress enter twice;

12. You will see a problem. Please select no here, and then click enter twice to start downloading and installing;

Configure network DHCP at this time

Click enter

Select the first page for automatic configuration

It will then be automatically configured

If the same window pops up multiple times, it indicates that there is a problem with your network. Please reconfigure your network.

13. Then enter the host naming window. If you don’t change it, the default name will be displayed

The following window must have a name:

Enter the name again

Set login password

Enter the password again

Here it is said that your password is too short or too simple. Please re-enter it. Select Yes, and then press enter on the next page,I don’t have a screenshot of that page. Pay attention.

14. Next, go to this page. Here is the partition. Just press enter

Press enter

Select Yes and enter

You can set the partition size by yourself. It is generally the default.

It will return to a finish page, and enter is OK,There are no screenshots here

Then you will see the next window:

Select Yes and enter. Finally, wait for it to install

15. Select the first execution here

Then you will see the window below

Just choose the last one

Then enter and wait for installation. Then you will see the following window, or choose yes and enter

Click enter in the following window

Then wait for him to install it

After that, you will see a page like the terminal, which means that you have successfully installed it:

There will be no more here!!!

This virtual machine is installed successfully!!!

In the installation process, the network configuration is very important. Please be careful!!! It’s easy to make mistakes here

In the installation process, the network configuration is very important. Please be careful!!! It’s easy to make mistakes here

In the installation process, the network configuration is very important. Please be careful!!! It’s easy to make mistakes here

The above is the whole content of this article. I hope it will be helpful to your study, and I hope you can support developpaer.