Build self study room and other unmanned scenes based on app SDK and API


Under the influence of the current policy of “promoting high-quality development of manufacturing industry as an important support for stable growth”, more and more traditional industries begin to consider accelerating transformation and upgrading, and strengthening and expanding emerging industries. In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, technological innovation is indispensable.

In the context of consumption upgrading, consumers hope to have more consumption ways to meet a variety of consumer needs. At the same time, for the industry, the emergence of unmanned scene can greatly reduce the dependence on human resources, and can improve efficiency. Through the combination of unmanned technology and traditional industries, traditional industries show new bright spots.

Taking “smart piano room” as an example, “smart piano room” is an important part of smart campus

Teachers and students can make an appointment through mobile network without queuing operation, saving time;

The management panel displays the status information of the piano room in real time, and the user can use it clearly;

Intelligent voice reminder function can automatically remind users of the time of piano practice, precautions, fire alarm and other information.


These functions are self-evident for the reduction of human cost, the improvement of operation efficiency and the improvement of user experience.

1、 Current application of unmanned scene

The concept of unmanned scene has been put forward for some time, but the application of unmanned scene is still in the “tepid” stage. You can see the current application of unmanned scene with a small conversation

Question 1: what types of unmanned scenes and applications have you heard of?

Answer a: no study room?

Answer B: unmanned bookstore?

Answer C: unmanned retail?


Question 2: have you ever experienced these unmanned scenes?

Answer a: no

Answer B: no

Answer C: no


Question 3: what’s your imaginary unmanned scene like?

Answer a: intelligent voice prompt?

Answer B: robot?

Answer C: 24 hours service?


The concept of unmanned scene has been popularized to a certain extent, but the application of unmanned scene has not reached the level we imagined. The reason is that the application of unmanned scene brings a sense of freshness and surprise, but the freshness and surprise can not make the unmanned scene develop in essence.

At present, the application of unmanned scene is facing a big challenge, which is the need to dock with multiple systems, so that the business online cycle is long.

In short, taking the “24-hour self-study room” as an example, the first thing to realize is the “perception” of the self-study room, that is, each component can “linkage” with each other, such as access control, IPC, smoke alarm and so on. These devices need to be able to perceive and interact with each other, coupled with remote control, in order to realize the “unmanned” function of the whole scene. However, due to different product systems, docking is relatively difficult.

Moreover, in addition to the above challenges, there is also a problem that the demand for unmanned scenes is too diverse“ “24-hour self-study room” is just a small example. In addition, there are “smart piano room”, “24-hour self-help game hall” and “shared office space”

These scenarios bring different system docking requirements, as well as more personalized requirements: subdivision functions of different scenarios, different requirements of data reporting and command issuing, customized UI interface of app… All these need to be taken into account for developers.

2、 Capability composition of graffiti intelligent unmanned scene scheme

In the field of unmanned scenes, graffiti proposes its own one-stop solution based on the current requirements and challenges of unmanned scenes

Capability composition of graffiti unmanned scene scheme

Build self study room and other unmanned scenes based on app SDK and API

Freshness and surprise are not the driving forces for the development of unmanned scenes. Science and technology are the primary productive forces. What we should do is to respect technology and commerce. The popularity of unmanned scene can bring the improvement of business operation efficiency and the reduction of actual operation cost. Based on the open ability of graffiti cloud platform, unified system interface helps to build basic ability; Provide a variety of development tools to meet the needs of private brands.

Graffiti can provide one of the development tools:

Android, IOS, applets and other multi terminal SDKs, as well as various category extension and function extension SDKs, help developers quickly realize app development.

Build self study room and other unmanned scenes based on app SDK and API

Graffiti can provide two tools:

It includes basic API services such as device management, rule engine and data analysis, and value-added services such as cloud storage, video stream and log service. Based on API interface, the sharing charging mechanism of charging according to usage duration can be configured in the background. Developers can quickly realize the connection and control of mobile app to intelligent devices and rich intelligent scene applications.

Build self study room and other unmanned scenes based on app SDK and API

3、 Graffiti unmanned scene solution

Supported by the capabilities of graffiti cloud development platform, graffiti currently provides four main solutions, namely:

1. Shared office space: 

a) Doodle small program SDK, with intelligent socket, intelligent access control, intelligent light control, can build a shared office space;

b) The user can log in and make an appointment through the small program, which is flexible and convenient;

c) Managers control specific devices through the background management system, intelligent and efficient.

2. 24 hours self service game hall

a) Graffiti cloud API, APP SDK, combined with intelligent access control, intelligent socket, intelligent light control and universal remote control, can build a 24-hour self-service game hall;

b) Users can scan the code through the small program, choose the length of time, pay to open the door, get the game experience, free and flexible;

c) Managers can control the game hall remotely and view the real-time status through the background system and app, which is convenient for management.

3. 24-hour self-study room:

a) Doodle small program SDK, with intelligent socket, intelligent access control, intelligent light control, you can build a 24-hour self-study room;

b) The user can make a reservation through a small program, which is flexible and convenient;

c) Managers control specific devices through small programs, intelligent and efficient.

4. Smart piano room

a) Graffiti app SDK can be combined with gateway, door magnet, intelligent door lock and intelligent IPC to build a smart piano room;

b) Smart piano room is suitable for: Piano Room Management in Colleges and universities, multi-functional classroom reservation, and organization open piano room management.

Through these solutions provided by graffiti, developers can directly realize basic simple functions (such as shared office space and 24-hour self-study room, which can display the seat length display and countdown, device control and scene management, etc.), and based on tools such as SDK provided by graffiti, they can realize customized requirements such as member login, seat selection and reservation, package purchase and activity announcement.

4、 Summary

The realization of unmanned scene brings the progress of science and technology, 24-hour service and the convenience of users’ life. At the same time, it is also the innovation of business, the reduction of operation cost and the improvement of operation efficiency. Respect technology, respect business, make the night warm.

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