Build an open source project 2 – create another environment and solve the problems in the previous period


1、 Create another environment and solve the previous issue

Debug and connect our virtual machine

  • Yesterday, after we set up the operation, we found that Ping was not working for a long time. Today, we set it again and found that we didn’t set the network connection mode for CentOS in advance, so we should choose the bridge mode in advance
  • Then I did it again according to yesterday’s pattern and found that the connection was connected
  • Ping Baidu, ping your own computer
  • All right, we’re going to log in remotely
  • How to install SecureCRT
  • Follow the above tips to log in to CentOS remotely
  • We created two virtual machines in the way above
  • And it’s connected
  • Next time we start to install the environment, the tools we need to install include git, JDK, Node.js , python, maven, mysql, redis, message queue, rabbitmq, application server tomcat, web server nginx, docker environment, kubernetes cluster, elaticsearch cluster deployment, zookeeper installation, message queue Kafka, etc

2、 Source code:

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