Build an open source project 11 kubernetes cluster deployment (2)


1、 Master node configuration

1. Initialize k8s cluster

  • In order to deal with the problem of blocked network, our domestic network environment can only manually download the relevant images in advance and re tag them
[[email protected] ~]# docker pull mirrorgooglecontainers/kube-apiserver:v1.13.1
[[email protected] ~]# docker pull mirrorgooglecontainers/kube-controller-manager:v1.13.1
[[email protected] ~]# docker pull mirrorgooglecontainers/kube-scheduler:v1.13.1
[[email protected] ~]# docker pull mirrorgooglecontainers/kube-proxy:v1.13.1
[[email protected] ~]# docker pull mirrorgooglecontainers/pause:3.1
[[email protected] ~]# docker pull mirrorgooglecontainers/etcd:3.2.24
[[email protected] ~]# docker pull coredns/coredns:1.2.6
[[email protected] ~]# docker pull

[[email protected] ~]# docker tag mirrorgooglecontainers/kube-apiserver:v1.13.1
[[email protected] ~]# docker tag mirrorgooglecontainers/kube-controller-manager:v1.13.1
[[email protected] ~]# docker tag mirrorgooglecontainers/kube-scheduler:v1.13.1
[[email protected] ~]# docker tag mirrorgooglecontainers/kube-proxy:v1.13.1
[[email protected] ~]# docker tag mirrorgooglecontainers/pause:3.1
[[email protected] ~]# docker tag mirrorgooglecontainers/etcd:3.2.24
[[email protected] ~]# docker tag coredns/coredns:1.2.6
[[email protected] ~]# docker tag

[[email protected] ~]# docker rmi mirrorgooglecontainers/kube-apiserver:v1.13.1
[[email protected] ~]# docker rmi mirrorgooglecontainers/kube-controller-manager:v1.13.1
[[email protected] ~]# docker rmi mirrorgooglecontainers/kube-scheduler:v1.13.1
[[email protected] ~]# docker rmi mirrorgooglecontainers/kube-proxy:v1.13.1
[[email protected] ~]# docker rmi mirrorgooglecontainers/pause:3.1
[[email protected] ~]# docker rmi mirrorgooglecontainers/etcd:3.2.24
[[email protected] ~]# docker rmi coredns/coredns:1.2.6
[[email protected] ~]# docker rmi
  • Then execute the following command on the master node to initialize the k8s cluster:
[[email protected] ~]# kubeadm init --kubernetes-version=v1.13.1 --apiserver-advertise-address --pod-network-cidr=
  • Kubernets version: used to specify k8s version
  • Apiserver ad vertise address: used to specify which network interface of master is used for communication. If not specified, kubedm will automatically select the interface with default gateway
  • Pod network CIDR: used to specify the network range of pod. This parameter depends on the network scheme used. This paper will use the classic flannel network scheme

2、 Source code:

  • Build an open source project 10 kubernetes cluster deployment (middle)
  • Build an open source project 10 kubernetes cluster deployment (middle)
  • CSDN:
  • Blog Park:
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