Build agile capability center and create the next generation of Digital Banking “operating system”!


Abstract:Build an agile capability center and create the next generation of Digital Banking “operating system“!

The little ant said:

In recent years, more and more leading banks at home and abroad have devoted themselves to digital transformation. Digital transformation is the deep integration of technology and business model, and the final result is the change of business model. The digital transformation of bank is a step-by-step journey. The construction of agile capability center is like the construction of the next generation of digital bank “operating system”, which is a milestone in the digital journey of bank.

The banking industry has entered a comprehensive digital era. The digital transformation will change from the 1.0 era of improving customer connectivity to the Digital 2.0 era with agile capabilities as the core. Ant financial believes that breaking the independent and decentralized system architecture in the past and building a financial agile capability center supported by a distributed platform will become an important engine for banking institutions to make a comprehensive digital transformation and improve customer service capabilities.

From November 29 to 30, 2018, the 2018 (seventh) China small and medium Bank Development Summit Forum, hosted by the all media group of contemporary financier, Hongru financial education fund and ant financial services, was held in Guangzhou. The forum was centered on the development of financial technology and risk prevention and control of small and medium banks in the new era, led by the regulatory authorities, joint-stock banks, domestic urban commercial banks, representatives of agricultural commercial banks and relevant institutions About 300 professionals attended the summit.

In the speech, it was pointed out that the digital transformation of banks is a step-by-step journey, and the building of agile capability center is like building the next generation of digital bank “operating system”, which is a milestone in the digital journey of banks.

He explained that “agile capability center fundamentally solves the management efficiency of enterprises, as well as the innovation of service terminals and front desk, which can help banks to continuously respond, explore, tap and lead the needs of users, improve user experience, reduce service costs, and lead the industry in the era of comprehensive digitalization.”

Once upon a time, the financial industry had higher requirements for reliability and risk management than the general industry, while the cost and risk of background modification were higher, so they would try their best to choose the IT construction mode to maintain the stability of the background system, and deploy a large number of business logic (business capacity) directly in the front-end system to form a massive front-end system. In this way, the business contacts are separated from each other, and the front desk is not well supported to respond to the needs of users quickly and reduce the user experience.

With the continuous development of IT technology, micro services, Devops and other technologies have also provided a “silver bullet” to realize the agile capability. However, the local solutions fail to fundamentally solve the bank wide agile problem. The business department, R & D center and data operation and maintenance center of the bank are all looking for directions with a part of the puzzle.

At the summit, ant financial services, in combination with its own practice, summed up the agile capability center covering technology, data and business dimensions from its own practice, and shared it with the vast number of banking partners to help each banking institution build its own “digital operating system”.

According to the introduction, the agile capability center in the digital era includes the following aspects:

  • Agile Technology Center: to form a complete technical platform to support the bank wide application by integrating the R & D, testing, governance, operation and maintenance, and risks involved in the distributed architecture system. In addition, there are disaster recovery architecture, immune architecture, defense fund security and continuous and active fault detection in three places and five centers. These technical capabilities reflect the agile and self-healing capabilities that ant technology agile center constantly pursues under the distributed architecture, turning “uncertainty into certainty”.
  • Agile intelligent center: integrate data intelligent computing, data research and development, and data assets to form a unified data platform and financial intelligent application for the whole bank. For example, for the eight risk areas of the whole bank, build a bank wide risk platform to realize risk management unification, risk technology platform and risk data planning.
  • Agile Business Center: precipitate the core business capabilities of component-based and service-oriented under the distributed architecture, provide platform domain services and open programming interfaces to help quickly build various business products such as deposit and loan remittance, mutual fund, etc.; at the same time, encapsulate the technical complexity in the financial level distributed architecture, reduce the learning curve of distributed transformation, and improve the speed of distributed transformation.

Throughout the development of Digital Banking, digital 1.0 starts from the mobile end and focuses on improving customer connection and business reach ability. In the era of Digital 2.0, banks and other enterprises focus on acquiring the standard technology stack ability of digital original enterprises through distributed architecture to build the three core competitiveness of digital original enterprises: Technology agility, data intelligence driving ability, business agility, and build a digital bank for the next generation of digital transformation, according to Liu Weiguang Operating system.

Based on these capabilities, the bank can build a new multi-faceted Ecological Cooperation Bank mode in the future digital 3.0 era: access to business scenarios internally, open to enterprises through API bank, build an application ecological market mode based on API, and build an open ecological bank based on financial component operating system.

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