BSN’s first batch of “officially designated blockchain applications” came out, and four applications of FISCO bcos community were selected


After more than a month’s solicitation, BSN recently released the first batch of “officially designated blockchain applications”. Four of these applications are based on FISCO bcos blockchain bottom level research and development, covering certificate storage, anti-counterfeiting traceability, supply chain management and other fields.

For the purpose of “showing the most suitable blockchain application to the most needed users”, the developer Committee of BSN Development Alliance reviewed and comprehensively considered the submitted works according to the application access mechanism. 12 blockchain applications of 9 categories were selected as the first batch of designated applications selected by BSN.

Four applications based on FISCO bcos blockchain bottom layer research and development are: blockchain certificate storage service system in the chain era, whole process traceability cloud platform blockchain application of agricultural industry, Huiyun chain, and IOS transparent construction platform.
BSN's first batch of

Chain era: blockchain certificate storage service system

In the chain era, the blockchain certificate storage service system (hereinafter referred to as “inbc deposit system”) is based on the FISCO bcos alliance chain on BSN. Inbc card storage system helps users to extend the existing business system based on API interface to realize the preservation and call verification of electronic evidence. It can be widely used in electronic contract, copyright protection, certificate certificate, anti-counterfeiting traceability, public welfare donation and other scenes and fields.
BSN's first batch of

Tianyanweizhen: the application of cloud platform blockchain in the whole process traceability of agricultural industry

The platform fully combines the technologies of Internet of things, blockchain, cloud computing, big data and geographic information, and realizes the “integration, visualization, networking and desktop” of information collection, audit processing, control execution and scientific decision-making in the software environment of graphical interface.

Through the unified management and control of product, production process and logistics, the enterprise can effectively improve the quality of products and production. At the same time, open these information to consumers synchronously, enhance consumer cognition and build consumer trust.

BSN's first batch of

At present, the platform is used in the collective trademark anti-counterfeiting traceability system of Suzhou Yangcheng Lake hairy crab industry association and Gannan navel orange quality and safety traceability demonstration project.

Anyuan data: Huiyun chain

Huiyun chain is a financial solution of logistics insurance supply chain provided by anchain technology for logistics vehicle less carrier platform, insurance, banks and other enterprises.

In the context of freight transaction and transportation logistics management business, multi-party collaborative documents and information are extracted. Through the application of blockchain technology, logistics companies, insurance institutions, financial institutions and other ecological chain nodes are connected to the alliance chain, so as to optimize the resource utilization rate, improve the overall cooperation efficiency of the logistics industry, and promote the integration of insurance and financial institutions with the logistics industry by using reliable data.

BSN's first batch of

At present, Huiyun chain cooperative users include Nanjing rongmaotong Intelligent Logistics Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Xinning Modern Logistics Co., Ltd., Pacific Insurance, China Merchants Bank, etc.

CCB Zhuhe: IOS transparent construction platform

IOS transparent construction platform is a full life cycle management system of construction industry based on the application of blockchain technology developed by Shenzhen Jianxin Zhuhe Technology Co., Ltd.

The platform focuses on the construction of a complete credit ecosystem for the project, and uses advanced technologies such as blockchain and big data to assist Party A in the management of the whole life cycle of the project, so that the project responsibility can be traced, the project management is transparent, and the process becomes fair and just. At present, the platform has provided services for the future building projects of China xiongan group and Shenzhen Academy of construction sciences.

BSN's first batch of

What is “BSN official designated application”?

According to the needs of customers and the distribution of industry products, the developer Committee of BSN Development Alliance divides 14 relatively common blockchain application categories and “other” categories, with a total of 15 application categories. The classification covers supply chain management, supply chain finance, judicial certification, electronic contract, anti-counterfeiting traceability and so on.

Only three representative product solutions are introduced under each blockchain application category. After the scheme is approved by the developer Committee, it will be widely recommended in various channels of BSN as the officially designated and recommended blockchain application of BSN.

The second batch of designated applications are also in the process of online preparation. If you want to join the BSN official designated application, please contact the community assistant.

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