BSN successfully introduces irita cross chain and chainlink Oracle service


The design and construction concept of the blockchain service network BSN follows the Internet model. On the Internet, all websites and apps can communicate with each other. Because they can be deployed on any cloud resource in the world, the deployment cost can be reduced as low as possible. At the same time, the deployment process is very simple. This is one of the core reasons why the Internet has been able to develop rapidly in the past 25 years and affect our entire human society. Like BSN, we hope that in the next 10 years, millions of distributed applications (dapps) will be deployed and running on BSN. No matter the license chain or the public chain, no matter what underlying framework is used, all dapps can easily communicate with each other. At the same time, developers can deploy the application on any public city node (PCN) in the world. The cost of deployment and operation is very low, and the deployment process is also simple. Only in this way can BSN really develop into a world-wide blockchain Internet.

In order to achieve such a concept and goal, it has become an extremely important technical breakthrough point in the development process of BSN that any two dapps on BSN can easily communicate with each other. At present, the interworking technology between different chains is not very mature, especially each public chain and each alliance chain are deployed in LAN architecture, so it is more difficult to interweave with other framework chains and DAPP. Even though the data of the two links can be communicated by writing a large amount of code, it needs to rewrite the code to communicate with the third link, which is time-consuming and laborious. Similar to in the early days of the Internet, when many networks were still local area networks, it was as troublesome to set up special lines for data interchange between two different local area networks. BSN, as a relatively standard running environment of blockchain, can achieve the same goal as the Internet makes it easy for websites to call each other with standard protocols. It can establish a standard cross chain communication protocol and let developers write a few lines of code, so that their DAPP can interact with other chains and other dapps at any time. One of the core purposes of BSN is to reduce the cross chain cost to infinity and close to zero.

Recently, BSN officially announced the technical cooperation with border intelligence and chainlink to jointly establish “BSN inter chain communication hub” (ICH) to realize the cross chain mechanism within BSN and the Oracle mechanism of trusted data sources outside BSN. Irita, built by boundary intelligence, is the first enterprise level alliance chain product with cross domain industry mutual trust in cosmos ecology. It is based on the modern blockchain technology framework tendermint and iris SDK, and is a relatively mature one in the relay chain technology. Chainlink is the world’s leading Oracle network service provider. The BSN cross chain communication hub integrated with Oracle enables DAPP to obtain reliable data beyond BSN, such as stock, weather, financial asset price, Internet of things data, location information, etc. BSN development alliance will use Oracle mechanism to introduce domestic trusted data sources into BSN.

According to the current schedule, the cross chain communication hub of BSN will be launched around October 2020, and a demonstration application will be launched to realize the data interchange between a fabric application, a FISCO bcos application and an EOS application. At that time, the smart contract involved in the demo application will be open source. Interested developers are welcome to try it on the BSN international official website.

Irita and chainlink are the best cross chain technology and Oracle service providers, but in order to provide more choices for developers. BSN will continue to add new cross link protocol and Oracle network in the cross chain communication hub (ICH). At present, we are negotiating with several potential partners. Also welcome companies with relevant technology to contact us.

With the establishment of cross chain communication hub of BSN, BSN has realized three core services: application deployment and operation service of alliance chain, shared node and application deployment and operation service of public chain, and cross chain interworking service between any DAPP. These three core services combine with BSN’s three core architectures of cross cloud service, cross portal and cross underlying framework, which enable BSN to establish a comprehensive and three-dimensional blockchain infrastructure service system and create a real blockchain Internet Ecology.