BSN official announced that Baidu super chain self-developed open source technology helps the construction of network infrastructure


Recently, hosted by the state information center and co sponsored by China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd., China UnionPay Co., Ltd. and the blockchain service network development alliance, the blockchain service network (BSN) business launch conference was held in Beijing. Since April 25, BSN has been officially launched for commercial use, and will work with partners to promote blockchain technology progress and build blockchain value Internet.

As an important partner of BSN,Baidu super chain will provide support for the underlying architecture of the blockchain network based on the independent and controllable, high-performance blockchain open-source technology that supports guomi algorithm. In addition, baidu super chain also participated in the formulation of BSN infrastructure adaptation standards, and the two sides carried out in-depth cooperation in developer education and support.

BSN official announced that Baidu super chain self-developed open source technology helps the construction of network infrastructure

Blockchain service network (BSN) is a global infrastructure network for deploying and running various blockchain applications across cloud services, portals and underlying frameworks. Since its official release on October 15, 2019, BSN has gone through six months of internal testing, continuously promoted the deployment of global network construction, actively carried out the technical adaptation and standard formulation of the underlying framework, orderly promoted the operation scheme design and product development, accelerated the improvement of technical support and service guarantee, and successfully completed various commercial preparations. It is reported that more than 2000 individual and enterprise developers tried BSN during the internal test.

As one of the important partners of BSN, baidu super chain has carried out close cooperation with BSN in the construction of the underlying structure of the blockchain, and is committed to jointly promoting the development of industrial blockchain. Relying on domestic self-developed high-performance blockchain technology, super chain expects to achieve win-win cooperation with BSN in technology research and development, business development, ecological construction and other aspects.

Baidu super chain always adheres to the road of self-development and innovation in blockchain technology, and continuously iterates and upgrades in key technologies such as performance and function. A number of core technologies have applied for patents and have been open source to global developers, which can promote the continuous development of BSN, meet the multi scenario business needs of blockchain technology applications, and make blockchain applications more flexible, safer and more efficient Parallel, pluggable consensus mechanism, integrated smart contract and other patented technologies can improve the global deployment capability of BSN blockchain network and help create a bright future for blockchain development.

Baidu super chain has high-performance, high security blockchain technology, single chain up to 8.7wtps, in the leading position in the industry. At the same time, xuberchain and xuperdata of Baidu super chain have passed the evaluation of the evaluation and Appraisal Institute of the national industrial information security development research center, and their security, function and performance have been officially certified, meeting the highest requirements of national authoritative units for domestic self-developed blockchain technology. The excellent technical performance and high concurrency of super chain can better support the operation of BSN and promote the ecological prosperity of the industry.

The formal commercial use of block chain service network (BSN) has far-reaching significance for the industry and the country. In the future, baidu super chain will carry out in-depth cooperation with BSN to help build the underlying architecture of the blockchain network, further integrate element resources, promote the rapid popularization of blockchain technology and the innovation and development of the blockchain industry.