BSN and everx launched an open alliance chain based on the underlying framework of everscale


Official account: BSN Institute
The blockchain service network (BSN) has reached a cooperation with the blockchain technology company everx (the former ton laboratory) to officially launch the BSN open alliance chain based on everscale technology, which is named Guangyuan chain. Guangyuan chain is exclusively operated by the Chinese partner Shidai Operations Research Co., Ltd. and will provide BSN developers with everscale’s highly scalable and secure blockchain technology. It is worth mentioning that everscale technology has set a record of 54000 transactions per second.

BSN has transformed the internationally renowned public chain into an open alliance chain that complies with Chinese laws and regulations and can be supervised, so that it can better enable the development and application of blockchain. Like all BSN open alliance chains, Guangyuan chain only supports RMB recharge for its gas fee.

Everx was founded in May, 2018, bringing together many experts in decentralized application development around the world. It is also the core development team of everscale network, a decentralized, community driven blockchain and its main component, ever OS. As the core development team of everscale, everx is committed to optimizing the development of blockchain applications for global communities and enterprises.

Heyifan, CEO of jujube technology and executive director of BSN development alliance, said: “we are very happy to cooperate with everscale and provide our developers with more choices of underlying frameworks for development on BSN. We believe that with the support of everscale’s low latency and scalability, this cooperation will help open a new chapter in blockchain applications in China.” The most fundamental innovation of everscale is to solve scalability without affecting security and decentralization. Because of its unique multi-threaded framework, the throughput of everscale network is very high. Recently, 65000 smart contracts are executed per second, which can be further expanded by adding more validators and infrastructure. Due to the explosive growth of defi, NFT and other applications, we see that the load of the blockchain network is increasing, and scalability becomes crucial.

By introducing the scalability, security and decentralization of everscale network into BSN, Chinese communities will benefit from everscale technology, and Guangyuan chain will provide developers with a new technical solution for enabling application scenarios.
Alexanderfilatov, CEO and co-founder of everx, said: “through cooperation with everx, BSN uses everscale’s scalability, security and decentralization technologies to help developers in and around Guangyuan chain establish various blockchain applications at a low cost.”

About everscale network

Everscale is based on the platform called ever OS, managed by a decentralized community, capable of processing millions of transactions per second, and has Turing complete smart contracts and decentralized user interfaces. Its unique feature is that it can build a scalable decentralized world computer with a distributed operating system. Everscale has put forward some new blockchain attributes and concepts, such as dynamic multithreading framework, soft majority consistency and distributed programming, which makes everscale scalable, fast and secure at the same time. Everscale has powerful developer tools, such as solid and c++ compilers, SDKs and APIs, which can be ported to more than 20 languages and platforms.