Brother, a hundred programmers, actually met abusive job seekers



Hello, everyone. I’m an it elder brother. Recently, I’ve met a lot of people. I’ve seen thousands of resumes and almost 100 programmers, but few have passed the interview. I’ll analyze the reasons for their interview failure from the perspective of an interviewer.


From the resume to the interview, we talk about it step by step. First of all, the resume must be sent in PDF. Don’t send word. I think some people who have worked for ten years don’t know this rule. The word format will be messy. When the interviewer sees a resume with a messy format, do you think you will have a good impression on you?

The most outrageous word resume I’ve ever seen is that the coding is disordered. The whole resume is a pile of disordered codes. Do you want to test my brother’s technology? Let me restore the garbled code to your normal format. Are you looking? The most terrible thing is that you don’t know where the coding is disordered, and you are still crazy about submitting your resume. As a result, there is no interview invitation

Brother, a hundred programmers, actually met abusive job seekers

The resume of social recruitment is generally valued by interviewers. Don’t write anything about the technology stack and master the basics of Java. This is nonsense. It’s better to write and read HashMap source code and AQS source code. Don’t write JSP, struts and servlet. Write everything about the technology stack. Don’t write too little. Write as much as you can, on the premise that you can hold it.

Project experience

There is also project experience. It is necessary to combine business and technology. Each paragraph is a business background description and a corresponding technical implementation. Try to set some advanced technical points. For example, if you have done crud work for a certain function, don’t write this. What can crud write.

Remember my brother’s sentence, in addition to the basic information, only write the key points and highlights on the resume, and don’t write the rest of the nonsense, because HR has to read a lot of resumes every day and doesn’t have the time to pick words.

If it’s a school recruitment resume, it’s best to have some competition awards written on it, so that the probability of being interviewed by a large factory is higher.

Wonderful interviewers encountered

The first case

A while ago, I interviewed a person who had not graduated long ago. He was wearing a mask and sitting there with his schoolbag on his back. He felt ready to leave at any time. The mask was still placed on his chin. There was no difference between wearing the mask and not wearing it, and the interviewer felt that you were too casual.

Then the man chewed gum and answered questions while croaking there. If he couldn’t answer, he directly reported rude words. He said it more than a dozen times in an interviewFuckMy mantra is that your skills are not good and your attitude is poor. How can you pass the interview?

The second case

A guy with good skills came to the interview and was a little conceited. I asked a few questions and answered them incorrectly. I directly asked me how to answer them correctly. I must answer his correct answers. This is true for every wrong question.

Brother, you’re here for an interview. You force the interviewer to answer you correctly and say in a challenging tone. It’s not an open-minded tone of asking for advice. Just be an interviewer. This EQ is too low. The elder brother asked him for a few minutes and asked him to leave. You don’t have to be a cow in technology. Besides, you answered all the questions wrong.

The third case

A man who has worked for 8 years has no vitality in his speech and feels very negative. This will make the interviewer feel that you are not enthusiastic enough and will treat your work negatively at work. Moreover, the man made it clear that he doesn’t want to study technology, feels too tired to study technology, and doesn’t want to be a management.

What do you want to do? You come to the interview and tell the interviewer that you don’t want to study technology. Which interviewer dares to let you work in the company. My brother asked him what you want to do. He said I want to be a lecturer and teach others to learn technology. I’m really helpless. My attitude is negative and I don’t want to study technology. How can you teach students technology? Don’t mislead people’s children.

The fourth case

He is also a friend who has worked for several years. His skills are average. I estimate that he is at the intermediate level. I asked him what level you think your skills are, and he also thinks he is at the intermediate level. Then I asked you what salary you expect. He said I want 20K, which really surprised me. I asked you how much your last salary was, and he said about 10K, I asked him why he wanted to increase his salary by 100%. He said I hadn’t changed jobs in three years. It’s normal to increase my salary.

I felt dizzy after listening. This answer really makes me speechless. Your salary increase is not directly related to your lack of job hopping for several years. Your technical strength determines your salary. We should recognize this. Generally, the salary increase of normal job hopping is generally about 30%. If you haven’t changed jobs for many years and your technical strength has improved a lot, it’s no problem to increase by more than 30%.


During the interview, the technical points written on the resume must be reviewed in place. If you can’t answer the scene question, at least you should be able to answer the eight part essay. The answer to the eight part essay is the most basic knowledge, and then the scene question. If you can’t answer the scene question and the eight part essay, how can you let the interviewer hire you?

In addition to excellent skills, the attitude of the interview is very important. You must be modest, respect the interviewer, answer questions actively, and don’t be weak. The interview is not only to test technology, but also to comprehensively consider a person from all aspects. However, the interviewer is very comfortable with you in technology and feeling, so you have a great chance of passing the interview.

Do you have any questions about looking for a job? Welcome to leave a message!!!

Brother, a hundred programmers, actually met abusive job seekers
Brother, a hundred programmers, actually met abusive job seekers

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