Brief overview of MySQL


MySQL learning notes

  1. Introduction to MySQL:

MysqlIs a lightweight relational database management system, developed by SwedenMysql ABDeveloped by the company, currently belongs toOracleCompany. at presentMysqlIt is widely used in small and medium-sized websites on the Internet. Due to the characteristics of small volume, fast speed, low overall cost of ownership, open source, free and so on, the development of small and medium-sized websites generally chooseLinux+MysqlAs a site database.

  • MySQL official website:
  1. MySQL features:

​ ① : useCandC++It is written and tested with a variety of compilers to ensure the portability of the source code

②: supportAIX、FreeBSD、HP-UX、Linux、Mac OS、Novell Netware、OpenBSD、OS/2 Wrap 、Solaris、WindowsAnd other operating systems

③: it provides for a variety of programming languagesAPI。 Programming languages includeC、C++、Python、Java、Perl、PHP、Eiffel、RubyandTcletc.

​ ④ : support multithreading and make full use ofCPUresources

​ ⑤ : optimizedSQLQuery algorithm, effectively improve the query speed

​ ⑥ : it can not only be applied in the client server network environment as a separate application, but also be embedded into other software as a library to provide multi language support. Common codes such asChinese GB2312BIG5Shift in Japanese_ JISCan be used as data table name and data column name

​ ⑦ : provideTCP/IPODBCandJDBCAnd other database links

​ ⑧ : provides management tools for managing, checking and optimizing database operations

​ ⑨ : it can handle large databases with tens of millions of records

  1. MySQL disadvantages:

① : hot backup is not supported

②:MysqlThe biggest disadvantage is its security system, which is mainly complex rather than standard, and only callsmysqladminTo reread the user permissions

③ : there is no stored procedure(Stored Procedure)Language, which is the biggest limitation for programmers accustomed to enterprise database

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