[boutique source code] small and exquisite online bookstore source code


Project description

Hi, everyone, today’s shared project is “small and beautiful online bookstore source code“. This system is developed by spring MVC + Spring + mybatis, with exquisite page design and comprehensive functions, including:

User registration
User login
Library management
Book list display
guest book
Shopping Cart
Order management
This project is very suitable for beginners of SSM or graduation design!

Project visit

Home page:http://localhost:8080/index.action

Technology stack

SpringMVC + Spring + MyBatis

Operating environment

Idea + tomcat8 or above

Project screenshot


Download method

First, look at it, take the source code again, pay attention to the “one point tutorial” official account, reply to the keyword “xz202018”, you can get the download link and the extraction code. If there are problems in the deployment process, the background will reply “add me” and add wechat as a small assistant.

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