Bootstrap celebrates its 10th birthday! Inventory of important milestones on its open source road


On August 19, 2011, the first version of bootstrap was officially released and announced its open source in GitHub. At that time, it was positioned as “a front-end toolkit for rapid development of web applications”, integrating the common uses of CSS and HTML, and using some of the latest browser technologies to provide developers with fashionable typesetting, forms, buttons, tables, grids Navigation and other required components.

Now, bootstrap is one of the most widely used open source projects and front-end toolkits on the network.

Through ten years of persistence and efforts, bootstrap has achieved today’s achievements, and the bootstrap team has also sorted out some incredible milestones in the past decade:

  • Bootstrap has more than 2.5 billion document views. More than 685000 times a day.
  • Since 2015, bootstrap’s NPM downloads have reached 39.4 million, including more than 131 million downloads in 2020 alone. Over the past six years, the average number of downloads per day has been 180000.
  • 50 million downloads in rubygems
  • 57 million downloads at nuget
  • The number of installations in packagist was 7.5 million
  • It is used by more than 22% of websites in the whole network
  • Used by 2.7 million projects on GitHub
  • More than 21100 commits were made on GitHub, including nearly 35000 questions and pull requests

The founder of bootstrap joked in his blog that he and another founder Jacob were just nerd working on twitter in early 2011. Jacob is an engineer engaged in internal tools, and he is a product designer responsible for advertising.

When the project he manages needs its own internal tool application to manage twitter advertising activities, he intersects with Jacob. A few months later, they began to cooperate more and more, and finally decided to release their project to the world.

The founders also said that despite the changes of time, their original intention remains unchanged. They still contribute to open source, do what they like to do, contribute to open source, and have an impact on people’s lives through work. He believes that from the rewriting of main functions to the realization of new functions, from the growing icon library to the mature market. This is an incredible journey, which will continue due to the love of the community and the support of defenders over the years.

Finally, the founder of bootstrap also mentioned in his blog that the next version of bootstrap will meet you soon.