Blockchain technology community: chain news (phase 1)


Towards the end of the year, time seems to pass faster. In the twinkling of an eye, a week passed again. Although we are filled with all kinds of information every day, too much information also accelerates our forgetting. To this end, we will select this week’s boutique chain news every weekend to take you to review the waves of blockchain industry in the past week.

Blockchain technology community: chain news (phase 1)

1. Reuters reported on December 11 that two-thirds of the bitcoin hash rate in the world is controlled by China, and it is almost concentrated in Sichuan Province, citing a study by London digital asset management company coinshares. Coinshares began to observe the trend of miners in China in 2017, and found that the total hash rate has increased sharply since June this year, reaching 66% in the near future. The hash rate controlled by miners in Sichuan Province accounts for 54% of the world’s total, while other mining towns such as Yunnan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other provinces have also contributed a lot to the hash rate.

2. Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and square, recently extended his interest to its underlying technology blockchain and announced plans to support an independent team. He will fund an independent “blue sky” team of five open source designers and engineers“ The blue sky team’s work is to study the open standard of decentralized process across social platforms, and will also explore blockchain technology tools. If the implementation is successful, it may subvert the entire social media infrastructure, and twitter will also implement the standard. However, a number of industry experts have questioned the blue sky team plan.

3. On December 11, the State Grid Corporation of China issued and issued the “task outline for key construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things in 2020”, in which it was mentioned that the focus in 2020 was to promote the practical application of 5g, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, to form typical applications with remarkable results and promotion conditions in corresponding fields, and to release the evaluation standards for the preliminary completion of ubiquitous power Internet of things, Research on the key issues of construction and cloud concealment.

4. Di Gang, deputy director of the digital currency Research Institute of the people’s Bank of China, recently delivered a keynote speech entitled “innovation and practice of blockchain in the financial field”. Di Gang said that the current blockchain projects are all independent and closed systems, which are unable to connect with each other. The old isolated islands have disappeared, and new isolated islands have emerged. The introduction of centralized trusted institutions is one of the methods of on chain and off chain cooperation.

5. Tencent’s Security Intelligence Center recently issued an article saying that it has detected a “tiger” Trojan horse (Laofu miner) spreading through social engineering fraud. The attacker disguises the remote control Trojan program as “hot news”, “pornographic content” and other file names, and spreads them wildly on the network. If they click carelessly, they will be immediately attacked, and the computer will become abnormally stuck, and become a coolie for the mining gang. According to statistics, “tiger” Trojan horse has infected more than 5000 computers. Through tracing the source, it is found that the predecessor of “tiger” was the “grizzly bear” Trojan horse that appeared in 2018. At that time, “grizzly bear” had infected nearly 100000 hosts and obtained at least 380000 Yuan of illegal income by digging Monroe coins.

6. BM recently commented on Sebastien Meunier’s Twitter that as long as the block producers are public, the blockchain can maintain the order of transactions and ensure that it can derive a deterministic consensus state without any risk of tampering. The SQL plus encrypted database is unable to perform this operation. This shows that blockchain has the performance that SQL database cannot surpass.

7. Recently, it has been reported that IBC cross chain protocol, one of the most critical components of cosmos blockchain, has completed the lowest level technology development, while the application layer protocol has not yet been completed. For example, the economic incentive and punishment mechanism for multiple roles of cross chain transfer has yet to be developed. This means that the previous news that cosmos IBC cross chain agreement will be launched in November has failed, and it is optimistic that IBC will not be launched until 2020.

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Blockchain technology community

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Blockchain technology community: chain news (phase 1)

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