Blockchain Scam – Fund disk of mining machine model


openCapital diskDressed in the “tall” coat of financial management, equity and crowdfunding, you will see the “deep routine”, but in addition to the routine, it is still inseparable from an essence——Ponzi scheme

First, let’s talk about itPonzi scheme

Ponzi scheme:It is one of the oldest and most common investment fraud, also known as “robbing Peter to pay Paul” and “white wolf with empty hands”. It refers to the investment in fictitious enterprises. In the future, the money of investors will be paid to the initial investors as a quick profit to lure more people. By analogy, more and more people and funds are involved. After all, investors and funds are limited. When investors and funds are unsustainable, Ponzi scheme is bound to collapse suddenly.

The ancestor of Ponzi scheme

Charles Ponzi:An Italian, he immigrated to the United States in 1903, worked in various jobs (including painters) in the United States, and wanted to get rich. After more than ten years of edification of the American dream of getting rich, Ponzi found that the fastest way to make money was finance

The trick is as follows:

Charles Ponzi (1882-1949), an Italian born speculator who lived in the 19th and 20th centuries, immigrated to the United States in 1903. I have worked in the United States, including painting, and I want to make a fortune. He was jailed in Canada for forgery and in Atlanta for human smuggling. After more than ten years of nurturing the American dream of getting rich, Ponzi found that the fastest way to make money was finance. Therefore, since 1919, Ponzi concealed his history and came to Boston to design an investment plan to sell to the American public.

In 1919, he began to plan to deceive people into investing in a virtual enterprise, promising that investors would get a 40% return on profits within three months. Then, the cunning Ponzi paid the money of new investors to the initial investors as a quick profit, so as to entice more people into being deceived. Due to the huge returns from the early investors, Ponzi successfully attracted 30000 investors in seven months. This conspiracy lasted for a year before people blinded by interests woke up. Later generations call it “Ponzi scheme”.

This investment plan is very simple. It is to invest in one thing and get a high return. However, Ponzi deliberately complicated the plan so that ordinary people can’t understand it at all. In 1919, the first World War had just ended, and the world economic system was in chaos. Ponzi took advantage of this chaos. He claimed that he could make money by buying some European postal bills and selling them to the United States. Due to policy, exchange rate and other factors among countries, many economic behaviors are not easy for ordinary people to understand. In fact, anyone who knows a little financial knowledge will point out that it is impossible to make money in this way. However, on the one hand, Ponzi played tricks in finance, on the other hand, he set up a huge bait. He claimed that all investments could get a return of 40% within 90 days. Moreover, he also gave people evidence of “seeing is believing”: the first group of “investors” did get the return promised by Ponzi within the specified time. As a result, a large number of “investors” followed up.

In a year or so, almost 40000 Boston citizens have become investors in Ponzi’s money making plan, and most of them are poor people with the dream of getting rich. Ponzi has received about $15 million in small investment, with an average of several hundred dollars per person. At that time, Ponzi was called one of the three greatest Italians as famous as Columbus and Marconi (one of the radio inventors) by some foolish Americans, because he “discovered money” like Columbus discovered the new world. Ponzi lived in a villa with 20 rooms, bought more than 100 expensive suits, equipped with special leather shoes, had dozens of gold inlaid crutches, and bought countless expensive jewelry for his wife. Even his pipe was inlaid with diamonds. When a financial expert exposed Ponzi’s investment fraud, Ponzi also published an article in the newspaper to refute the financial expert, saying that the financial expert knew nothing.

In August 1920, Ponzi went bankrupt. The money he received, according to his promise, could buy hundreds of millions of European postal bills. In fact, he only bought two. Since then, “Ponzi scheme” has become a special term, which means to repay the previous “investors” with the money of the later “investors”. Ponzi was sentenced to five years in prison. After he got out of prison, he did several similar things, so he spent more time in prison. When he was sent back to Italy in 1934, he tried to cheat Mussolini, but he failed. In 1949, Ponzi died in a charity hall in Brazil. When he died, the inventor of the Ponzi scheme was penniless.

Tips: the scam neither originated from Ponzi, nor could it stop at Ponzi. This is just the beginning. In the next hundred years, countless people followed his deception. Such a simple fraud model has been tried repeatedly and made huge profits.

Capital disk

The active capital market in China has also attracted foreign attention. Many overseas capital markets have entered China’s “gold rush”.MMMIt is one of the representatives and one of the most influential and destructive capital projects. This kind of fund is covered with the cloak of “foreign investors” and swindles by taking advantage of the people’s good impression of foreign investors. It is difficult for ordinary people to check the relevant data of overseas capital disk, and the asymmetry of information makes it difficult for the victim to judge the authenticity.

In 2017, with the popularity of virtual currency, with the help of the word “hot” such as blockchain, create projects more attractive than traditional projects. Once again, the capital market was pushed to a climax, and some criminals began to use the name of blockchain for illegal fund-raising and fraud. Let’s take a look at those who cheat in the cloak of blockchain. Have you been cheated.

1、 Cryptokitties

Cryptokitties is the earliest popular blockchain fund tray game, and the logic is to play by beating drums and passing flowers. Participants buy pet cats through cryptocurrency. With the increasing number of participants, the price of cats will be higher and higher, so as to obtain benefits. In short, in cryptokitties, the first entrant buys at a low price, and then looks for the receiver who is willing to offer a higher price.

After cryptokitties, numerous blockchain capital disk games have emerged, including direct imitators, such as cryptodog, cryptocountry, cryptocelebrity, etc., as well as other game types such as spinach and cards. However, most of its core logic is similar to cryptokitties, which belongs to the playing method of drum and flower passing game, and the last entrant becomes the receiver, Bear the greatest loss.

2、 Fomo 3D

Fund disk games often have problems such as black box operation. Participants lose more and win less. In serious cases, it will even lead to ruin. In July 2018, fomo 3D was born, and the blockchain capital disk game began to recover and show a strong momentum. The blockchain capital disk game represented by fomo 3D makes the whole game link transparent through technical means, eliminating the pain points of artificial manipulation of game results and unfair capital distribution. But even so, it still doesn’t change the fact that they are Ponzi schemes.

Fomo 3D is a typical small and broad drum and flower passing game, but there are also innovations. For example, it introduces innovative playing methods such as flash shooting, team dividend and leaderboard system. Players put cryptocurrency eth into the contract address of the game. If the countdown ends 24 hours, no one will put eth into the capital pool, Then the last player will get 48% of the total prize pool. At the same time, although early participants do not get the final award, they can enjoy a steady stream of dividend income with the addition of latecomers. It can be seen that from the perspective of rules, no matter who enters early or finally, it seems that they will not be losers. They will have the motivation to continue to invest in Eth and continue to attract new people. It has the characteristics of MLM. But we must understand that fomo 3D is a zero sum game. How much money someone makes, someone will lose. Only the earliest entrant and the final bidder are the winners. They are very lucky. Especially for retail investors with insufficient funds, the risk of entering the site will be very high. Ironically, fomo 3D frankly admits that it is a scam, and even its website domain name means to leave the scam. However, there are still a large number of players, especially those from China.

After fomo 3D, the blockchain capital disk game broke out. They made a little improvement on the basis of fomo 3D code, became a new work and attracted a lot of money. In addition to the risk of Ponzi scheme mentioned above, according to the reports of some security prevention and control companies, smart contract vulnerabilities are common in the Shanzhai version of fomo 3D games. Once exploited by hackers, it will cause the loss of the whole capital pool.

3、 Fire cow video

In July this year, fire bull video exploded in just two months with the mode of “mining as reward” and holding FB as dividend, hoping to build a YouTube with blockchain technology. However, it has been pointed out that the fire cow has a MLM head pulling mode and dividend mode, which is a real capital dish. At the initial node, huoniu attracted a large number of users because of its high return. After a large number of users poured in, the dividend amount of the platform will increase. Once the single day profit of the platform fails to reach the dividend amount, the platform will lose money. The loss and dividend of the platform will be reduced. As a result, users will lose, recharge will become less, and profits will continue to decrease until the platform collapses. It has been described that the profit model of fire cattle can be said to be similar to that of fomo 3D: the earlier you enter, the more profits you make; If you enter late, you should be ready to be the receiver. The user psychology in the fire cow is actually betting that he is not the last one to get off.

In September, huoniu infinitely reduced the dividend proportion and changed the dividend into feedback. Then news broke out that huoniu Beijing has a small team of about 10 people, and its office is the private room of a foot therapy shop. It is not a blockchain project, but a capital disk under the cloak of blockchain.

4、 TPT

Public information shows that TPT is the platform currency of decentralized exchange tpdex issued by tokenpocket. It is issued based on Bancor agreement, adds use agreement and dividend agreement, and introduces Option Agreement and transaction fee algorithm. The issuance uses EOS exchange, and there is a corresponding EOS fund pool. When users purchase TPT from the pass pool, the spent EOS will enter the EOS fund pool, and the fund pool will be reduced when they sell.

The data is controlled by the blockchain contract, which is relatively open and transparent. However, because the TPT selling service charge is 29% (30% at the beginning, it will be gradually reduced), that is, when you sell again when you buy, you will lose 29%, which will force you to hold a position to rise, which will play a certain role in curbing speculation and let high-level takers hold on. This is suspected of capital. The issue price is 1tpt = 0.000538eos. When the increase exceeds 30%, someone starts to sell. Holders can only wait for dividends, but they won’t be divided until early November for the first time. Many people begin to cut meat every day.

5、 Virtual miner

In May this year, a victim exposed a project called block cloud on the Internet. It is understood that the project publicizes a virtual mining machine existing on the app through wechat group red envelopes and Internet publicity, and says that the virtual mining machine can dig EOS, BTM and ELF for free, dig all high-quality currencies of international exchanges such as fire currency and okex, and throw money free of charge. And it only takes 20 days to return to this cycle. The extremely short return cycle, the temptation of rich returns, and the continuous participation of new funds are needed to maintain it. Then this is a capital disk game of beating drums and passing flowers. According to relevant media, blockcloud has only survived for two months. When everyone still fantasizes that they can “make big money” and “get rich”, blockcloud has quietly closed the website, stopped the DAPP data interface, secretly transferred funds and ran away.

6、 False “P2P” quantification

The most common method is to imitate the P2P model. Many institutions hold bitcoin and other virtual assets in the name of quantification. The custody limits vary, but these institutions promise a yield of 3% – 10% per week. There are many hidden dangers. Generally speaking, the promised rate of return is high to attract investors, but the return is likely to come from the principal of the latecomers. Once the capital chain breaks and institutions run away, it is natural to collapse.

At present, there are many Ponzi schemes in the cloak of “blockchain”. They carry out all kinds of high-yield Publicity under the howl of “0 investment”, and then use human greed to modify the rules to induce investors. This kind of deception is not very clever. Many investors still invest in them regardless of risk when they know it is a fraud. This is that investors only look at earnings rather than risks in order to make money. To put it bluntly, it is “greed”.

In addition to the cool sale of mining machines, pyramid schemes using mining machines are also emerging one after another. The reporter noticed a “mining” mode called YBC Yiwei chain in the social group. It is understood that there are no trading restrictions on the mining business of the platform. Five people are directly promoted, and the number of teams reaches 20. One small mining machine is rewarded. Push 10 people directly and the team number reaches 100. One medium-sized miner will be rewarded. Push 20 people directly and the team number reaches 200. One medium-sized miner will be rewarded. The top three people are directly promoted every day, with a cash reward of 200 yuan and a medium-sized mining machine. The top three in calculation power every day will be rewarded with 100 yuan in cash and a medium-sized mining machine. More “miners” posted that YBC Yiwei chain is a real “0 coin platform”. For the suspected MLM scam and pulling people first, the reporter tried to contact YBC Yiwei chain platform, but according to the links provided by the group, the web page could not be opened until press time, and the app could not be downloaded.

The reporter previously noted that a new “GEC environmental protection currency” trading model has been widely spread. The model takes “ecological and environmental protection”, “zero investment”, “zero risk” and “high yield” as the label, and pulls people into the partnership to pull the offline development capital chain. After going online in February 2017, the platform promises to increase 50 times a month and 1000 times a year. At present, GEC environmental protection currency only rises but does not fall. It is easy to realize. You can withdraw cash as long as you make a payment and upload a screenshot. Relevant personnel of the national Internet financial security technical expert committee pointed out that from the perspective of business model, it can basically be determined as MLM to obtain income by pulling people’s heads. From another point of view, in the process of environmental protection coins pulling people, coins are distributed and funds are collected. Generally speaking, it can be said that ICO is disguised.

According to he Nanye, under this mode, the routine is nothing more than sending some “sweets” to registered users, then fooling registered users to pay for mining machines, and then allowing users to continuously develop offline, and finally realize huge income. The risk behind it is that everything is virtual. The machines that users spend money on and the mines dug out may be fictitious and have no corresponding physical objects. Once the layout person runs away, the interests of all users who spend money on mining machines will be damaged, and the final result is a pyramid scheme.

Imitate the practice of capital market

In order to understand the fund disk technology and operation, a fully functional mining machine mode disk is made by using. Net 5 + sqlserver + layui

Project structure

Use screenshots






In fact, after doing it, I found that it was nothing more than adding, deleting, modifying and checking   It’s a complete hoax