Blockchain market forecast in 2021 with cybervein development highlights


Blockchain market forecast in 2021 with cybervein development highlights

1. Coinbase will become the first IPO case in the field of encryption, with a market value of more than $30 billion.

Highlights: coinbase, established in 2012, initially only provided simple bitcoin purchase services. At present, it has extended a variety of businesses and crossed many fields of the cryptocurrency industry. In addition to meaning that coinbase will become the first cryptocurrency exchange to be publicly listed, it is also an important milestone for platform currency and cryptocurrency to move towards the mainstream, and finally is no longer the “side room” of the financial market.

2. The industry will witness two acquisitions with an amount of more than US $500 million and one acquisition with an amount of more than US $1 billion.

Highlights: it can make the industry’s business and transactions more standardized, and also invest in some more valuable and potential blockchain technology teams. The future M & A and elimination of the market will become the norm.

3. The market circulation of stable currency (such as usdt, usdc, library and Dai) issued by anchored US dollars will exceed US $150 billion.

Highlights: stabilizing the currency will make the digital money market more standardized, which is conducive to protecting market stability and developing institutional investors. At the same time, the stability currency is becoming more and more abundant, which also enriches its use scenarios, such as derivatives market, liquidity mining, defi and NFT.

4. The total market value of the top three defi governance tokens will increase from 33% to 66% of the total market value of eth.

Highlights: the emergence of defi governance token has two main purposes: one is to stimulate liquidity, and the other is to raise funds on the platform. It indicates that the market still has huge innovation space and profit space. We can expect more new products and solutions that interact users with cryptocurrency and legal currency.

5. The loan balance in the defi agreement will increase tenfold to more than US $30 billion.

Highlights: for mature financial markets, more abundant financial instruments will bring higher market liquidity. In defi decentralized lending, equity products and derivative products will gradually enter the public’s vision, which will have the opportunity to further open the financial system of the blockchain world.

6. 33% of cryptocurrency spot trading volume will come from DEX (decentralized exchange).

Highlights: decentralized exchange may be the fastest growing field in open finance. Liquidity will produce large-scale capital transactions, so as to attract more users to experience the safety and convenience of decentralized exchange.

7. WeChat and Alipay will support DCEP (Digital Renminbi).

Note: the digital renminbi will not choose to compete with WeChat and Alipay, but it will be compatible.

8. Sec approves the custody business of the first bitcoin ETF and the first digital asset broker dealer.

Highlights: bitcoin as “digital gold”, compared with the trend of gold price, it can be found that since the first gold ETF was approved for listing in 2003, gold has ushered in a bull market for ten years. This not only means that a fund product directly benchmarking bitcoin price index will appear, but also means that more and more institutions and various portfolios are gradually improving the allocation of digital currency.

9. The market value of bitcoin increased from 4% to 10% of the market value of gold.

Highlights: it is different from the logic of pure speculative rise driven by retail investors in 17 years. At present, the devaluation of paper money is serious, and multinational residents flock to the bitcoin market as a safe haven asset. In the future, bitcoin will attract the interest of more retail investors. Bitcoin will lead other types of encrypted assets into the mainstream financial market, and there is still a lot of room for prices to rise.

10. Cybervein’s market value ranks among the top 30 in the world.

Highlights: in 2021, cybervein will enable Dave and cross to launch more mainstream public chains, derive and launch more “defi + NFT” products with practical value and circulation value, continuously expand the market volume and become the first batch of public chains with stable revenue. With the continuous expansion of Dave alliance, it has gathered three technical cooperation institutions: Oracle + cross chain + distributed storage to solve the problem of data island in smart cities, interconnect smart cities and smart cities, and serve more countries and regions around the world.

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