Blockbuster launch | free fish construction flutter enterprise application development e-book fresh out


With the gradual application of fluent in China, many developers gradually realize its mystery. While developers skillfully use fluent to develop and improve R & D efficiency, they also face many challenges. The technical team of idle fish continued to plough on the basis of the previous book for one year and gave the answer:

The actual combat Manual of flutter enterprise application development has been greatly upgraded! This paper comprehensively summarizes the solutions of flutter enterprise application, including basic concept, framework, animation, construction, performance and high availability, which has more depth, breadth and practicability! We hope to provide enterprise developers and decision makers with a complete solution based on fluent.

Blockbuster launch | free fish construction flutter enterprise application development e-book fresh out

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What makes this book different

  • Depth: compared with the previous book of idle fish, this book has more deep cultivation and solution of single point problems. For example, the team has a deeper understanding and new solutions to the performance problems in complex scenarios with greater challenges in the industry.

  • Breadth: for front-line technical leaders and developers, most of the questions and challenges facing enterprise application scenarios can be answered in this book.

  • Practicality: this book has a solid practical foundation. We strive to convey the main ideas and key implementations in the process of practice through cases and actual codes, but at the same time, we adhere to the principle that it is better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish.

Adhering to these three dimensions, this book is comprehensively, thoroughly and carefully designed from top to bottom, which makes up for some gaps in the market. I hope you can get a deeper professional understanding through reading and fully master the methods to solve various problems.

Who should read this book

  • Front line technology managers who pay attention to R & D Efficiency

  • Mobile developers who love to study

  • Relevant practitioners engaged in cross platform technology

  • Teachers and students of relevant majors interested in flutter

  • Friends of front-line technical media and Technical Publishing editors

Wonderful grab “fresh” look

This book describes flutter’s core knowledge from simple to deep, and contains advanced and in-depth content. The book combines knowledge points with relevant cases and practice, and draws inferences from one instance through thinking guidance.
Chapter 1 introduces the principle and applicable scenarios of the flutter technology and related cross platform technologies.
Chapter 2 introduces the construction method of mobile terminal hybrid architecture and supporting projects based on flutter, which is also a technical scheme widely used in the industry.
Chapter 3 lists the technical challenges under different business scenarios, and gives the corresponding framework design and solutions.
Chapter 4 describes in detail the practice of performance optimization and high availability system related to flutter, including a series of schemes such as metrics, optimization tools and optimization strategies.
Chapter 5 describes how to use fluent for advanced UI customization and animation framework design under complex interaction.
Chapter 6 introduces the application practice of other apps of Alibaba Group on the shuttle side, and adds more horizontal technical content for you.
In Chapter 7, for some hot issues, I will share with you some development experiences and cutting-edge prospects.

Corrigendum and support

The development potential of mobile terminal technology is huge and the update speed is fast. Although we continue to correct the content, there are still some mistakes. Please criticize and correct. If you have any valuable suggestions, please pay attention to the message “official account”, “know the number”, “headline” and “Nuggets”. Any problems,please contact “xianyu tech“ via twitter、facebook

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