Bill Gates: if you want to know about Silicon Valley, watch Silicon Valley


Brief comment: This article is a translation. This is an article written by Bill Gates for the American drama Silicon Valley. Unexpectedly, Bill Gates is also chasing this super magic realism technology comedy. The description of the technology industry in the play is appropriate. The crew once visited Bill Gates and asked gates about the history of the industry, but they didn’t give him a spoiler ha ha:)

Considering the great impact of Silicon Valley on our lives, I am surprised that few popular culture shows its true situation. I can count the best works with one hand. “Fire in the valley” is a good record of the early situation and the relationship between me and Steve Jobs (it has also been adapted into a pretty good film).

Walter Isaacson wrote a great biography of Steve, and I was surprised that he could integrate so much historical and technical information in the innovators. This is a masterpiece.

But if you really want to know how Silicon Valley works today, you should see HBO’s series silicon valley.

It revolves around a group of engineers at Internet start-up pied piper. You’ll see them trying to think about strategy, build products, raise money, and compete with Hooli, a technology giant with obvious but superficial similarities to Google or Microsoft.

The play is a parody, so it exaggerates the reality, but like all great parodies, it captures a lot of reality. I am familiar with most of the different characters you see in the play. Programmers are very smart, even when they are with friends, they will show a strong sense of competition, and they are a little confused in social aspects.Personally, I most agree with the role of Richard, the founder of pied piper. He is an excellent programmer, but he must learn how to manage people hard.

Bill Gates: if you want to know about Silicon Valley, watch Silicon Valley
Richard, founder of Pied Piper

These entrepreneurs have good wishes, but tend to portray their vision a little too much. When the characters in the play talk about how they will change the world with an app that can tell you whether what you are eating is a hot dog, even people who are confident in technology like me can’t help laughing at such a scene.

The play deserves the word “accurate”. Producers and screenwriters do a lot of research before the beginning of each season. Last summer, they met several people, including me, to talk about the history of the industry and put forward some ideas about the fifth season (however, they didn’t give me a spoiler).

Some of my friends in Silicon Valley don’t want to watch this play because they think it’s just kidding them. I always say to them, “you really should see it, because their jokes are not exaggerated.”

Like me, you can believe that technology companies are indeed using magical tools to improve our lives. At the same time, you should admit that sometimes it is more random who wins and who loses. Some people have an almost right idea, but not completely, so their career fails; Others did a little better, so they were regarded as geniuses for the rest of their lives. The play captures this perfectly.

I do have a little complaint.Silicon Valley gives you the impression that small companies like Pied Piper are mostly capable, while large companies like Hooli are mostly incompetent. Although I am obviously biased, experience tells me that small companies can still be incompetent, while large companies can invest resources for in-depth research and proceed from long-term interests, which smaller companies can’t afford. But I also understand why the play pays so much attention to pied piper and makes Hooli look so stupid. It’s more interesting to wave the flag and shout for the disadvantaged party.

I’ve seen every episode of the previous four seasons. I’m watching the fifth season, which ended in May. I heard that the creators of the play originally planned to stop after six seasons, but now they are willing to create more. I hope so. As long as they continue to film this lively series, I will watch it all the time.

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