Bill Gates’ Club House debut to discuss operating system, epidemic situation, bitcoin and climate change


Bill Gates' Club House debut to discuss operating system, epidemic situation, bitcoin and climate change

Recently, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is promoting his new book “how to avoid a climate disaster” through various channels. On Wednesday, he first came to the recently popular voice social platform Clubhouse, and shared with CNBC reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin (Andrew Ross Sorkin) about the connection between COVID-19, bitcoin and climate change, and why she used Android mobile phone in an hour’s exchange, as well as his anecdote in the quarantine during the epidemic.The following is the main content gates shared this time:

1、 Get used to Android, but it’s not contradictory to using iPhone

As clubhouse is currently only compatible with IOS system, many people wonder if the Microsoft co-founder has fallen into the arms of an old rival and bought an iPhone. But Gates said that is not the case. The mobile phone he usually uses is not made by apple.

“Some Android vendors pre install Microsoft software, which is very convenient for me.” “They are more flexible in dealing with the relationship between software and the operating system,” Gates said. That’s why I finally got used to Android… I have a lot of friends who use iPhones, so it’s not contradictory. “

Paul Davison, co-founder of clubhouse, also briefly entered the room during the conversation, telling gates and solkin that the Android version of clubhouse is the company’s top priority at the moment.

2Don’t be as rich as musk, so be cautious about bitcoin

Musk has a lot of money, he is a very cutting-edge person, so I’m not worried that his bitcoin will rise and fall randomly. But I think that people who don’t have the same savings may fall into the delusion that if they are not as rich as Elon Musk, they may need to be cautious“ Gates said in the studio that he was not optimistic about the rise in the exchange rate of the bitcoin. And manufacturing bitcoin requires a lot of energy, which is not good for the environment.

Solkin asked gates what he thought of the “climate debate” triggered by the bitcoin. According to this view, the mining process of cryptocurrency requires a lot of computing power, and it consumes a lot of power. As a matter of fact, Gates has also made clear his position on this issue before. He does not look at the special currency.

“Bitcoin consumes more power in every transaction than any other payment method known to mankind. So in terms of climate, it has a big impact. ” “If we use green energy and don’t crowd out other ways of using it, it probably doesn’t matter,” Gates said. Although you may label me as a “bitcoin skeptic” because I haven’t invested in bitcoin yet, I don’t think there is much connection between these things. I invest in malaria vaccines, measles vaccines, and companies that produce all kinds of products. But this model is not to buy low and sell high. But if other people can get rich in this way, I’ll applaud for them. “

Gates added that there are other ways to do digital currency, but the focus is not on secret trading. He revealed that the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is investing in such services to help lift the poorest people in India and Africa out of poverty.

3There are so many mistakes in COVID-19 that the government needs to learn from them.

Gates received a second dose of the vaccine a week ago, about a month after the first dose“ This is the only time I’ve ever felt lucky because I’m a 65 year old. ” He said. According to the regulations of Washington state, where gates is located, the elderly enjoy the priority of the new crown vaccine.

Asked when he could travel safely, gates replied, “I want to set a good example. Even if you’re vaccinated, you can still get the virus. I’m not going to go without a mask or relax my vigilance, especially when I’m with other old people who haven’t been vaccinated yet. It should not be until the end of spring or summer that we can understand the situation through figures, and then we can be more “presumptuous.”

Gates reiterated that vaccines should be distributed in all countries or regions, not only in rich countries. Only in this way can global travel restrictions be truly relaxed. He expects the United States to make a big difference this summer. All schools should start in the fall, but children should still wear masks.

“It’s not a big deal to wear a mask. It’s not expensive and we’re getting used to it.” “I’ll lead by example until the fall, until it’s clear that the number of people infected has decreased significantly,” he said

When talking about whether the whole American society is aware of the importance of believing in science through the epidemic, Gates said that leadership is crucial in a crisis, and leaders should be willing to share negative news and develop an appropriate testing system.

“There are so many mistakes in the epidemic that it’s incredible.” “We’re glad the virus isn’t too lethal,” Gates said. But there are still half a million Americans dying, which is unbelievable. I think it will leave a memory for at least a generation, and the government will learn from it and take appropriate measures. Even if it is possible, 10% or 20% of the people will never believe it – which is obviously the case in the general election – but it is a serious matter. Most of the people around them have died from the epidemic. “

In his new book, how to avoid a climate disaster, gates sets out a comprehensive strategic roadmap for achieving zero global emissions, pointing out what additional innovation is needed to succeed.

Bill Gates' Club House debut to discuss operating system, epidemic situation, bitcoin and climate change

In view of this, the Gates Foundation is also making a strong appeal to governments, the private sector and international organizations to strengthen social security systems and help people in the most vulnerable communities gain access to credit, insurance and savings. In addition, because climate change has caused more and more adverse effects on water resources, soil, forests and other important natural resources, public policies should recognize these problems in time and protect these natural resources as much as possible.

4Compared with 10 years ago, the quality of content production now is shocking

Like ordinary people, Gates also spent a lot of spare time watching TV programs on platforms such as Netflix during the epidemic. He said that compared with 10 years ago, the quality of content production now is shocking, and there are a lot of content that people can’t put down.

“Complicated plot, excellent production, even the effect of documentary is amazing.” Gates said. He added that he was going to finish reading a book one evening this week, only to fall in love with lupin, a French suspense thriller on Netflix.

“When I came back, I found that I had been watching it for four hours. I was a little out of control that night, and I felt embarrassed myself. I seldom do, but the content really makes it difficult for you to extricate yourself. You just sit there and chase the drama. “

Gates also used the great courses to attend college courses because he insisted on “never too old to learn” – when, of course, he didn’t pursue drama.

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Bill Gates' Club House debut to discuss operating system, epidemic situation, bitcoin and climate change