Big layoffs at the end of the year, fresh life testers were destroyed by the group: behind the high salary expansion of large factories, it’s too terrible


What do you think while mass layoffs and high salary enrollment expansion

“Byte layoff” boarded the microblog hot search again.

Some time ago, after hearing the information of byte mass layoffs, I knew that I would hear the telephone bombing of my hometown cousin Xiaohu. He is a fresh graduate this year. He entered byte at the time of school recruitment. He has worked for three months and has not escaped being laid off.

He was a non computer major in the second ordinary school. When he was studying, he always dreamed of entering byte. He began to think that entering byte was wishful thinking. Unexpectedly, the recruitment standard was not high and the salary was still high. At that time, he had no doubt about the big factory of byte. On the contrary, he thought that the expansion of enrollment with lower standards must be an opportunity for him to turn over. That’s it, After several interviews after graduation, I successfully entered the post.

The good times didn’t last long. He thought he could settle down and stabilize in byte in the future. As soon as the news of layoffs came out, he didn’t expect that the exciting offer in exchange for the resignation Agreement three months later. All their fresh students were laid off, and none of them survived… I can only comfort him that “the good is still behind”




Ninety percent of workers may not think of the traps behind high paid recruitment. Let me show you the traps behind high paid recruitment

Lay off staff and rob people at the same time

Interestingly, while laying off staff on a large scale, he also actively participated in the “people grabbing war” this autumn. Lowering the standard and high salary recruitment is a good opportunity for fresh graduates with different majors to enter the industry, but it is doomed that this is the behavior of Internet manufacturers.

Compared with Alibaba, Tencent and other big Internet companies, byte jump has expanded its enrollment for three consecutive years, and this year’s campus recruitment has opened eight categories of jobs, namely R & D, product, operation, sales, design, market, functional support and game planning; More than 8000 jobs, a year-on-year increase of more than 30%. Among them, R & D positions are the key direction of recruitment, with more than 4000; A large number of non R & D jobs have been added. For example, the demand for product jobs is about twice that of last year.




In addition, according to incomplete information, the monthly salary of technical posts is 18000 yuan – 25000 yuan; The algorithm class will not only reach the upper limit of the interval, but also have special offers, with a maximum of about 35000 yuan and a salary of 15 a year. It can be seen that this salary is relatively high in the whole Internet industry.

On the one hand, large-scale layoffs are being made, and on the other hand, the enrollment of fresh students is constantly expanding. In this regard, some netizens summarized this routine, that is “crowd recruitment + horse running tactics”.

In short, it is to attract talents and a strong team with high salary and high treatment, and at the same time, it is also attacking competitors. In the follow-up, however, it does not systematically train the attracted talents and takes the attitude of letting them grow. After a period of time, we will screen out those who can roll in and get a job. Even if others can get the dismissal compensation of N + 1, they also lose more important fresh identity and learning opportunities.

Trap behind high salary recruitment

If you encounter the following phenomena in the process of job hunting, you must be vigilant!

1. The bank’s business did not increase by leaps and bounds, but recruited people in large quantities? Especially for school enrollment, recruit first, and then screen out those who are not strong internally. It not only recruited high-quality people, but also earned a good reputation of ensuring employment during the epidemic.

2. Why do large-scale high salary recruitment schools recruit students? Because this is the cheapest layoff rule, the school enrollment Department has little age and social experience, which is easy to coax and cheat, while the old employees have a high age, which is very expensive to cut.

3. The salary is upside down, and the new employees work higher than the old employees? In fact, it is affected by market supply and demand. For example, there are few graduates in a certain year, there are many jobs, the industry is booming, and there is a great shortage of people. Last year, due to the epidemic, there were not only domestic graduates, but also large-scale students who came back to study. The purpose of high salary is to circle a wave of good talents. The upside down of salary will also cause dissatisfaction within many enterprises, Even let old employees take the initiative to resign, so the cost is much less



 How to deal with layoffs

Some netizens joked that “ten years of Internet experience, if you haven’t even experienced a layoff, you can’t be called an Internet person”. Indeed, layoffs often occur in Internet enterprises. As “workers”, we are laid off. How should we deal with it?

It’s not that you’re not good. When you apply for a job again, you can frankly tell your experience of being laid off. Of course, after being laid off, you should think deeply: “what did you like before joining the company”, the “big factory signboard”, the “salary”, or the “work content itself”?

  • Take a fancy to the signboard of a large factory. When you apply for a job again, you should have the concept that “a large factory does not mean you can work for a long time”. The new project team in a large factory is like a start-up company, but what is more reliable than the start-up company is that “there is compensation for being laid off”.
  • Pay attention to the salary, so when you apply for a job again, you should think clearly, “how long can you get this high salary”.
  • Pay attention to the work content itself, so when you apply for a job again, you should think about “what is the market trend of this content?”

The above three comprehensive thoughts are believed to be very helpful when looking for a job again.

Layoffs are not terrible. The terrible thing is the loss of learning ability

As one of the most popular industries, the Internet has gathered a large number of young and high-income groups. For graduates and students who have just entered the Internet industry, it is particularly important to establish a correct concept – layoffs are not terrible, but the terrible thing is the loss of learning ability.

Why can’t some people find a home after layoffs? Why are employees of Internet companies afraid of the “35 year old law”? Its essence is still because of its lack of competitiveness! In the Internet field, we must constantly improve our technical ability and increase our competitiveness. Only in this way can we get rid of the “35 year old law” and be fearless in the face of layoffs.

Test Engineer learning route在这里插入图片描述

Software test engineer development planning route

1、 Test basis

Understand the basic skills of testing, master the use of mainstream defect management tools, and be proficient in the operation, operation and maintenance of testing environment



2、 Linux Essentials




3、 Shell script

Master shell script: including shell foundation and application, shell logic control and shell logic function



4、 Principles of Internet program

The only way for automation: the basic knowledge of front-end development and the necessary knowledge of Internet network. Fourth, the principle of Internet program



5、 Mysql database

Software test engineers must have MySQL database knowledge, not only in the basic “addition, deletion, modification and query”.



6、 Bag grabbing tool

Fiddler, Wireshark, sniffer, tcpdump all kinds of packet capture tools are suitable for various projects. There is always one for you



7、 Interface test tool

Interface test artifact, a powerful tool you can’t get around: JMeter. Small and flexible: postman



8、 Web automated testing Java & Python

Understand the purpose of automation, master TestNG & unittest automation framework, assertion and log processing



9、 Interface and mobile automation

Professional interface call and test solutions. Build a complete web and interface automation framework, which is used by appium as a whole



10、 Agile testing & testops construction

Uncover the mystery of testops and continue to integrate Jenkins framework



11、 Performance test & safety test

The other side of software testing: performance testing and security testing, choose a direction and try to climb the pit!



These are high value-added knowledge!

In fact, these high value-added knowledge and abilities can be self-taught while working.

If you need it, you can pay attention to the official account: Bean Bear, free! Recently, some software testing learning resources have been sorted out intermittently. The main contents include: test documents, test tool installation package, automatic test video tutorial, performance test, interface test, interview skills, resume template, a full set of interview questions and other knowledge contents. The purpose is to understand the technical hot spots of large factory recruitment and continuously improve learning.

Let’s give you a word of encouragement: when our ability is insufficient, the first thing to do is internal practice! When our ability is strong enough, we can look outside!

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