Better writing experience with typora and picgo!


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In numerousmdIn the editor,TyporaIt is widely recognized as one of the writing software with better experienceWhat you see is what you getYou do not need to preview in split screen or open a new page preview. In addition, there are many advantages, here do not introduce, not the focus of this article, interested can goOfficial websiteDownload experience.

Recently updatedBetaIn the version,TyporaIt solves a problem that users are most concerned about: drawing bed.

Better writing experience with typora and picgo!

Here’s how to configure it, andPicGoUse of.

1、 Download the latest version of typora

Download address:

2、 Set up image upload

In order to make the operation simple, I’ll put theTyporaThe language of is set to simplified Chinese, and the default is to follow the system.

Better writing experience with typora and picgo!

Set up the upload image and associate with the map bed tool

It’s also inTyporaSoftware, above:

Better writing experience with typora and picgo!

Here are three red boxes:

  • First, default is notUpload picturesOption, drop down to select it;
  • The second red box suggests that you choose both, so that the pictures you use for writing, whether local or online, will be uploaded directly to your drawing bed;
  • The third red box is the map bed tool, which can be selected according to personal preference and can also be customized. I choose open source for freePicGo, followed by your installation directory.

PicGoDownload here

Picgo installation

There is no need to pay special attention to the installationnext stepThat’s fine.

After the installation, you will see the interface (MacOS)

Better writing experience with typora and picgo!

At this time, the upload image failed. The reason can be seen in the prompt message of upload failure, becauseSM.MSThe official version of V1 is no longer supported. Picgo’s default map bed isSM.MS。 So, next, we need to configure the map bed.

By the way, if Xiaobai doesn’t know what a picture bed is, here is an explanation:

Picture bed generally refers to the server storing pictures, which can be divided into domestic and foreign. Because of the space distance and other factors, the access speed of foreign map bed is very slow, which affects the speed of picture display. In China, there are three kinds of space: single line space, multi line space and CDN acceleration.

aboutPicGoYou can also refer toPicGoOfficial Guide for

to configure SM.MS Picture bed

  1. Register or log in SM.MS Official website and accessSecret Token

    Official website entrance

    obtainSecret Token, in the case of login,Click hereDirect to the following location:

    Better writing experience with typora and picgo!

    New registered users clickGenerate Secret TokenThen copy it. It is recommended to save a copy in another place instead of generating it repeatedly.

  2. Installing plug-ins for picgo

    Before installing the plug-in again, make sure you have installed it Node.js , and the version is greater than or equal to 8 becausePicGoIt’s usingnpmTo install.

    Node.js Official website address, recommended to downloadLTSAfter the installation, thecmdCommand to verify whether the installation is successful (the following figure is a screenshot of win system)

    Better writing experience with typora and picgo!

    You can install it nextPicGoRelated plug-ins. First of all, solve the problem that pictures cannot be uploaded by default. The installation operation is as follows:

    Better writing experience with typora and picgo!

    Installation will be slow, just wait patiently.

    This plug-in is open source. The author also gives two installation methods: online and offline. Online installation does not distinguish the system. Online installation is recommended.See here for details

  3. to configure SM.MS Picture bed

    After the plug-in is installed, it needs to be restartedPicGoAfter restart, we will see an additional item in the map bed settings:SM.MS -Login user

    Better writing experience with typora and picgo!

    Here, configure theSecret Token, click OK. If you are ready toSM.MSTo use as the default map bed, click on the rightSet as default

  4. Test whether the problem is solved

    In the upload area, we can see the following figure:

    Better writing experience with typora and picgo!

    Because I have set the default, if you don’t, you can switch the map bed where I marked the red box.

    Then you can test whether the upload is successful or not by selecting upload or drag and drop. No matter whether it is successful or not, there will be an upload result prompt. After the upload is completed, you can see the picture in the album and modify it. The default copy format ismdFormal. This is very friendly.

3、 Test uploading images in typora

This shows that there is no problem in uploading pictures with our map bed tool. Now we can experience it in the writing software typora.


  • The content of this paper is suitable for the first time to write software with map bed reference, this paper only introduces the use of SM.MS This kind of map bed can be referred to for the configuration of other map bedsPicgo GuideIt’s very detailed.
  • Picgo also has a lot of personalized settings, such as whether to modify the image name before uploading, timestamp naming, user-defined link format, boot and so on.
  • There are also many plug-ins in picgo, such as adding watermarks to pictures. These are explained in the picgo guide mentioned above. If you are interested, you can try it.

Better writing experience with typora and picgo!