[Beijing / Shenzhen] syslab of Kwai platform R & D department is looking for you who love compiler technology!


Language design and compiler development

Syslab, the infrastructure center, is looking for like-minded you to design and develop a popular general-purpose programming language.

  1. Responsible for language design and compiler research and development, and undertake some challenging innovation projects;
  2. Design future oriented languages and compilation tools to accelerate the R & D efficiency and quality of massive distributed services / AI services;
  3. Develop high-performance tool chain, improve R & D efficiency and operation performance, and save human and resource costs;
  4. Develop high-quality standard library using new language.

I need you to:

  1. Proficient in C + + / go language, with high-quality engineering ability;
  2. Have deep computer knowledge;
  3. Good English writing skills;
  4. Have the courage to challenge difficult work, have good product sense, efficient learning ability, excellent perseverance and self drive;
  5. Experience in language design and compilation research and development is preferred;
  6. In addition to C + + / go, it is better to know rust / Java / swift;
  7. It is better to know llvm / clang;

Contact email:[email protected]

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