Beijing le I unlimited recruitment of back-end R & D engineers (PHP / go) 20-40k


Le I is committed to providing global users with interesting, loving and best experienced Internet products and services, crossing cultural barriers, connecting global users and establishing a content ecosystem.

In April 2016, the company’s core live social product l IV EME was officially launched. At present, there are more than 100 million downloads, becoming one of the most popular social products for fashionable young people in the United States, covering 226 countries and regions and more than 10 languages.

In November 2020, there were more than 110 million registered users worldwide, and 3 million + users were broadcast annually. The data is still growing.

Job description

  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of the company’s product service end business system;
  • Responsible for the optimization of server architecture and the construction of service center.

Job requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above, solid algorithm skills, more than 3 years of back-end development experience;
  • Proficient in PHP / go language, as well as common web frameworks and their principles (such as YAF, beego, gin, echo, Kratos, etc.);
  • Master the use, principle and optimization method of relational database (mysql, etc.) and non relational database (redis, mongodb, etc.);
  • Master the use and principle of message oriented middleware (such as Kafka, MQ, etc.), be able to comprehensively apply relevant components / technologies to build high-performance services, and have practical project experience;
  • Understand the microservice architecture mode, have the ability to deeply understand the business, carry out microservice transformation, and practical successful project experience;
  • Have good ability to locate and solve server problems, master relevant troubleshooting skills, be good at summarizing and sensitive to data;
  • Active thinking, responsible, willing to learn, sensitive to new technology and strong team spirit.

Bonus item

  • Works in the open source community or submitted patch to the community
  • Experience in k8s and ES

Resume delivery

  • Location: Chaoyang, Beijing (near Huangqu subway station)
  • Treatment: Interview
  • contact information: [email protected]
  • Please refer to the format of “SF + name + position” for Title editing

Welcome to introduce yourself or recommend. IOS / Android / Python / front end can also be recommended