Beidou time service equipment (Beidou time service system) industry


Beidou time service equipment (Beidou time service system) industry

Beidou time service equipment (Beidou time service system) industry

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Throughout the history of China, Qin Shihuang’s outstanding achievements are not comparable to those of ordinary emperors. They not only established the Great Wall, which now ranks among the eight wonders of the world, but also realized the unity of the country. This unity is not only the unity of land, but also the unity of words, coins and measures. There is no need to say how important reunification is for China, a great country with 9.6 million square kilometers of territory and 1.3 billion people.

You must wonder, today’s Beidou’s Xiaobian is brain watt. Why is there a endless history at the beginning? No,No,No! Of course, this is related to what we are talking about today! In recent days, I think we should pay most attention to the relevant dynamic information of the two sessions, right? After all, the annual two sessions basically determine the overall development trend of all walks of life in China in the new year. In other words, whether we can grasp the policy direction and find the industry outlet first lies in the interpretation and analysis of the relevant information of the industry in the two sessions.

At the NPC and CPPCC China meetings one belt, one road member, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Beijing Academy of satellite navigation, Yang Yuanxi, as the representative of the Big Dipper, put forward two proposals. One is to build the only and unified authoritative time system in China. The other is to unify the “space-time” benchmark for the relevant countries and regions. As we all know, Beidou satellite navigation system has three major functions: navigation and positioning, communication and time service. The first two are more concerned by the public in daily application and publicity, while the powerful function of time service seems to be a little obscure.

Time service system is one of the most important and key national infrastructures for a modern country which has entered the information society. Modern weapon test and war need its support, the establishment of intelligent transportation system and the realization of digital earth need its support. The construction of modern communication network, power network and financial network is increasingly dependent on precision time and frequency. In the face of the ever-changing international situation, time is a national sovereignty. If China’s time is to use GPS time of the United States, there is a risk. As an independent country, establishing our own unified authoritative time system is very important for the daily operation of the national economy or national security. As the most accurate time service method in the world, Beidou satellite time service provides functional guarantee and convenience for China to build a unified authoritative time system.

At present, the important basic network related to the national economy and people’s livelihood has gradually replaced the original GPS time service products by the Beidou satellite navigation system. Beidou satellite time service method can be divided into two types: one-way time service and two-way time service by Beidou satellite. There are two ways of BDSS one-way time service and RNSs one-way time service. In the one-way time service mode, the timing terminal does not need to transmit the inbound signal to interact with the ground center station, but only receives the outgoing message and related information. Beidou satellite two-way time service is a high-precision time service method based on RDSS response ranging and positioning service. Beidou system has established a special time system, that is, BDT in English. BDT belongs to atomic time system. It adopts SI second as the basic unit for continuous accumulation without intercalation seconds. The starting epoch is 00:00:00 UTC on January 1, 2006, and counts by week and within week seconds. BDT can be traced back to the UTC time maintained by the national time service center (NTSC) of Chinese Academy of Sciences, abbreviated as UTC (NTSC), and establish contact with the international community through UTC (NTSC).



Performance comparison between RDSS and RNSs

From the above principle one belt and one belt, one road, and the time and space standards of the relevant countries and regions will be introduced into the construction period of the unified authoritative standard time system of Yang Yuanxi. At present, in addition to the national defense field has achieved the replacement of all Beidou time service products, the replacement of time service equipment in people’s livelihood fields such as power, finance, communication and so on has completed the tip of the iceberg. The massive demand for time service in manufacturing, service, Internet and other industries driven by it will make Beidou time service products enter a tight period.

At the moment of Beidou’s civil use, only Beidou watch, Beidou time table and Beidou calendar can be seen in the market. Few kinds and narrow application are the primary problems faced by Beidou time service application. Assuming that the unified authoritative time system is established, it can be predicted that a large number of small and medium-sized entrepreneurial enterprises will enter the blue ocean market. In 2016, the tuyere of Beidou time service is coming. Are you ready for it? A large wave of entrepreneurial small fresh meat is approaching. We hope that the professional platform can give more relevant technical guidance and jointly promote Beidou to the public.