Before the opening of rustcon Asia, talk about the rustcon China community


The first rustcon Asia in Asia will open in Beijing on April 20 (that is, next Saturday ~), and the conference will last for a period of time   four   Days, including   twenty   Day, day and night   twenty-one   Keynote speech on the morning of the th, and   22-23   Multiple themes of the day   workshop   Link. As the conference draws near, many friends have been rubbing their hands excitedly. Why don’t we talk today   Rust   The growth history of Chinese communities, another wave of chicken blood?

Rust in China

two thousand and twelve   year   one   month   twenty-four   On the th, in China’s largest Q & a community, “Zhihu”, a netizen named “Tiye”, created   “Rust (programming language)” topic. At that time, the language was still ignored. two thousand and thirteen   year   nine   month   sixteen   This is the purpose of the column   Logo   Was replaced by   Rust   Symbols for,   two thousand and sixteen   In, the number of   Rust   During the Chinese introduction, some sub topics have been added one after another, which has been developed for a long time   8000+   The amount of attention. And in the latest   Stack   Overflow   In the developer survey, rust   continuity   four   In, it became the most popular programming language for developers(。

I have to mention the support of the project party to the community, especially in China   Rust   Pingcap, two companies well known to developers   And secret ape technology has been committed to   Rust   Promotion of.

two thousand and seventeen   year   four   May, pingcap   Held in Beijing  Rust Meetup, invite two   Rust   Core team members   Alex   Crichton、Brian   Anderson, and   PingCAP   Together with Tang Liu, the chief architect   one hundred   Remainder   Rust   Small partners in the Chinese community had in-depth exchanges. Same year   ten   May, pingcap   invitation  web   frame   Rocket  Author of   Sergio   Benitez, the first in-depth introduction to this in China   Rust   Popular in the community   web   Frame. Through these two   Meetup, more and more Chinese community partners are   Rust   Attracted by language and began to use it   Rust   Toss your “little world”.

two thousand and eighteen   Year   eleven   month   seven   On the th, secret ape technology held its first exhibition in Hangzhou   Rust   Language themed offline activities, BiliBili   The online live broadcast has reached   2000+   People watch at the same time. In the winter of Hangzhou, this live broadcast ignited again   Rust   Chinese community.

two thousand and eighteen   Year, F001   My new book “in simple terms”   “Rust” was released, which is the first Chinese original book officially published   Rust   Books, covered   Rust   Most primary and intermediate knowledge points. two thousand and nineteen   year   one   month   one   On the th, Mr. Zhang Handong completed rust   The publication of “the way of programming” has been evaluated in Jingdong   700+。 In addition, Mr. Zhang Handong participated in the operation in the early stage   Rust   Chinese community and at   Forum, GitHub  、 The language bird subscription has been opened   Rust   Daily. After the community partners joined, rust   The daily group was officially established to continuously collect more latest development and community information at home and abroad.

In addition to the official community position, rust   Community spontaneous   This   Week   in   Rust、Rust   Daily newspapers and   Slack、Discord   All over the platform   Rust   Group, wechat&   QQ   Various organizations such as communication groups are also growing and active; Well known enterprises and start-ups at home and abroad   Rust   The number of practical articles and books published on application is also growing… More and more people are promoting spontaneously   Rust   The rapid growth of language and application practice as a substitute for design   C++   Programming language,Rust   There will be a very broad space for expansion in the future

Rustcon Asia’s arrival

four   month   twenty   In Beijing, China, secret ape technology and   PingCAP   Will join hands to open China’s first   Rust   Community assembly  —— RustCon Asia。 I finished last year   RustFest   We met a lot when we were young   Rust   Community friends, get friends and friends from these communities   Mozilla   Support. The little partner of the Chinese community said excitedly that his favorite two companies have joined hands!

along with   Rust   The expansion of the community, rust   The advantages of language itself make its application in the production environment quickly enriched. We see that companies large and small are trying and practicing. stay   RustCon   Asia, you’ll see a lot of excellence   Rust   Project:

  • Ant financial time series database
  • Alibaba cloud urban brain
  • Taobao advertising recommendation algorithm
  • Byte runout using rust to implement IM SDK
  • Baidu   X-Lab:Rust-SGX
  • BiliBili Middleware
  • Zhihu search engine
  • License chain of secret ape technology CITA
  • Pingcap develops tikv with rust
  • Public chain project nervos, holochain
  • Mesalink of Baidu Security Lab


This time, the partners will have the opportunity to have in-depth contact with people from home and abroadTwenty seven lecturers。 A community partner replied that he thoughtInstructor introduction seriesVery good. After carefully reading everyone’s background story, I found that these lecturers were more powerful than he thought. Some students said that today’s   Rust   The community is very old   Ruby   The feeling of community is full of strange people and strange things.

RustCon   Asia   Let’s see   Rust   The community is actually stronger than we thought. This time, the gathering from home and abroad (large fan meeting),A day and a half of keynote speeches and three simultaneous lectures in two days   workshop, I believe you will gain the knowledge you want and get close contact with these technology giants, which will be   Rust   An important moment in the history of Chinese community development. Hug together   Rust!

The conference has entered a week countdown. We would like to thank the lecturers, community partners and Baidu, the gold sponsor of the conference   X-Lab   Discuss with the bronze sponsor sub chain, SNZ, and your partners who help promote, thank you for your support to this conference!

Baidu X-lab

Official website:

Baidu security, with the concept of open source technology, patent sharing and standard driven, cooperates with Internet companies, security manufacturers, terminal manufacturers   Universities and scientific research institutions,   promote   AI   The safe ecological construction of the times enables the whole industry to enjoy a safer life   AI   The changes brought about by.

Quantum chain

Official website:

Qtum   Quantum chain is an open source blockchain project based on   UTXO   On the model, adopt   PoS   Consensus mechanism and decentralized governance mechanism, value transmission network and intelligent contract platform compatible with multiple virtual machines. By creating commercial smart contracts, creating trusted decentralized applications and providing enterprise blockchain services, the business ecosystem is fully enabled.



SNZ   Is a fast-growing crypto asset fund, consulting agency and community builder. SNZ   The team is composed of a group of engineers, technology promoters and entrepreneurs who have the same belief in blockchain technology. SNZ   Our mission is to find valuable projects, bring resources to the team and contribute to the ecosystem. The team is doing its best to help great projects develop business in China and connect local projects and communities with their counterparts at home and abroad.

Activity time: April 20-23
Venue: Beijing  ·  Guangshun South Street, Chaoyang   eight   Hyatt Regency Beijing
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Twitter @RustConAsia
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