Become FISCO bcos   MVP, create the future side by side


Since the open source, FISCO bcos has been supported by many developers to support the R & D of hundreds of application projects of enterprises in the ecosystem, of which more than 120 applications have been put into use.

At present, the open source community has gathered more than 40000 developers, including both developers who explore and Practice on the block link and self-made technology giants. Everyone gathered here to develop application components and optimization tools around FISCO bcos, and spontaneously output rich contents such as technical analysis, use cases and operation practice, so as to make the community a position for ideological blending, viewpoint collision and technical exchange, and better promote the development and dissemination of FISCO bcos technology.

In order to encourage more community users to output high-quality content and appreciate their contributions to the community, the open source community launched the “FISCO bcos MVP program” to honor technical experts.

What is MVP?

FISCO bcos MVP (most valuable professional) contributes high-quality technical content to the open source communityFISCO bcos opinion pioneer and opinion leader, they meet the following characteristics:

  • Excellent professional skills, familiar with blockchain technology and industrial applications, and in-depth research on FISCO bcos and related open source components in the ecosystem;
  • Strong learning ability, focus on the blockchain field, constantly summarize practice, precipitate high-quality technology and application content, and help more developers avoid detours;
  • Identify with the concept of open source, be willing to preach inside and outside the community, and make positive contributions to enriching blockchain content and enhancing community influence.

Conditions for becoming MVP

In addition to the above characteristics, you can apply for FISCO bcos MVP recognition if you meet any of the following conditions in the past year (NATURAL year):

  • Submit valuable high-quality PR on FISCO bcos code warehouse for many times;
  • Technical and management personnel who participate in projects related to FISCO bcos and play a major role;
  • Contribute several high-quality technical contents to the community, including but not limited to technical live broadcasts such as technical articles and speeches of FISCO bcos and related components;
  • Organize several offline technical activities around FISCO bcos;
  • Actively answer the questions of community users and preach FISCO bcos through multiple channels inside and outside the community;
  • FISCO BCOS column is built in its own channels (including but not limited to official account, know number, media column, etc.), original or reprinted articles related to FISCO BCOS.
  • Other forms of technical or content contributions.

Interests acquired by MVP

FISCO bcos MVP recognized by the open source community will enjoy the following rights and interests in the next natural year, and the rights and interests will be realized within one year from the date of recognition (NATURAL year). During this period, MVP winners enjoy the honorary title of FISCO bcos MVP and all rights and privileges:
Become FISCO bcos   MVP, create the future side by side

The application channel is open today

FISCO bcos MVP application channel will be open from now on. Community users can click to submit application materials and submit applicationsThe deadline is May 16, the first MVP list will beJuneOfficial account dialog box reply in community announcement[assistant], add to learn more.