Be a qualified DBA


Role definition of Oracle DBA

Development DBA

  • Database installation
  • Database architecture design (Architecture and modeling)
  • Code development (stored procedure, SQL)

Operation and maintenance DBA

  • Daily monitoring of database
  • Troubleshooting
  • performance optimization
  • Data backup, disaster recovery
  • Database security planning

The integrity of DBA

Within the scope of their own responsibility

  • Make the database design more reasonable and prevent the performance or security risks caused by the design
  • More secure data
  • Better database performance
  • The daily management of database is more reasonable
  • The fault is found and handled in time

Database architecture design

Database architecture

  • Distributed or single library

Redundant instances

  • RAC or single

Database security and disaster tolerance

  • DG or streams or Rman

Space consideration, storage planning

  • ASM (automatic storage management) + San (storage area network)

Software life cycle and business (data) growth forecast

Database modeling

Entity, relation design E-R

  • surface
  • Indexes
  • Reference of primary and foreign keys

Database development — SQL and stored procedure

  • Is SQL variable bound
  • Performance problems of SQL statements
  • Table analysis method – analysis options, analysis frequency, etc
  • Performance parameters affecting SQL execution efficiency


Operation and maintenance of database

Database monitoring

  • customized
  • Open source script + open source software
  • OEM+grid control
  • Third party software quest, etc

Data management and security

  • Backup strategy
  • Data retention, deletion policy
  • Partition, compression, read only table space
  • The most important issue is data security


  • Deep understanding of database
  • Oracle support (metalink, the official technical support site of Oracle, through which Oracle supports customers around the world)

Performance optimization of database

  • Deep understanding of business process
  • User perception oriented optimization
  • Establishment of performance baseline – CPU, I / O, sessions
  • Regular AWR (automatic workload repository, Oracle AWR) report analysis

Database security

  • Password management strategy (refined authorization mechanism)
  • Oracle’s security products DB vault and audit vault
  • Fine grained audit of Oracle (FGA)
  • data encryption
  • Operating system password management

Oracle learning ideas

Introduction > in depth Oracle > Oracle Performance Optimization Art > database design based on massive data

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Be a qualified DBA

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Be a qualified DBA

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