Batch code for quickly deleting illegal file names


for example  ..  con   nul   wait

Two lines of code to do, quickly delete the use of illegal file names of files and folders    June 4, 2007   Monday   19:08

Copy codeThe code is as follows:
DEL /F /A /Q \\?\%1 
RD /S /Q \\?\%1 

Save as  . bat   perhaps  . cmd   File.
What will happen in the future   runauto..,com1   As long as you drag it from the resource manager to this batch file, the black window will flash and the file (folder) will disappear immediately.  

This method   It’s easy to use   But there are loopholes  

It’s not filtered out&   So we can execute the code   ha-ha

There are two keys  

1. The folder environment started by CMD is   C:\Documents   and   Settings\Administrator

2. RD to delete a directory, separate parameters with commas instead of spaces:)

Exp: all yes no & CD.. & CD.. & Rd, you deleted me

Wash and sleep   It’s almost dawn….