Batch batch method for modifying file extensions


Sometimes we may encounter many files in a folder. We need to modify the extensions of these files. Of course, we can modify them one by one. But if there are many files, it will be very troublesome. So today we will teach you how to modify file extensions in batches. I hope you can. Flexible use.

Let’s assume that you want to change all files with the extension. gif to. jpg format, then the specific method is as follows:

1. First enter the folder that needs to be renamed and create a new Notepad

2. Enter the following in the notebook

Copy codeThe code is as follows:
ren *.gif *.jpg

3. Rename the expanded name of notebook to. bat

4. Double-click on the bat file to change all. GIF files under the folder into. jpg

Explanation: Here is just an example, which can be used flexibly. Let’s think about it, huh-huh.