Bat batch processing method for hiding files completely (implemented with virtual disk)


I believe that many friends will store some privacy files in the computer because of various circumstances. Usually we want to encrypt these privacy files, but no matter how to encrypt, there will always be a way to decrypt them. So the best way is to hide the privacy files thoroughly. Of course, there are many ways to hide the files. This site has also introduced some methods before. Today I’m going to introduce you how to create a virtual disk by adding an X disk to my computer, and then copy the privacy file to the virtual X disk. When you need it, you can call it out, and hide it when you don’t need it.

Add an X-disk to my computer to store private files as follows:

Copy the following code into Notepad and save it as a. CMD file (save type as all files, file name extension as. cmd), such as: htmer_X. cmd, double-click htmer_X. CMD will appear X disk, double-click again will hide X disk, you can save the file in your U disk, when you need to use it. When you insert the U disk, call the file, but remember to double-click htmer_X.cmd to hide the X disk when you are not using it.

Copy codeThe code is as follows:
@echo off
md D:\RECYCLED\UDrives.{25336920-03F9-11CF-8FD0-00AA00686F13}>NUL
if exist X:\NUL goto delete
subst X: D:\RECYCLED\UDrives.{25336920-03F9-11CF-8FD0-00AA00686F13}
start X:\
goto end
subst /D X:

Code Description: The above code indicates that a virtual drive X is created in the D disk recycling bin. When it runs for the first time, it displays the contents of the X disk. When it runs again, it finds that the X disk has been opened and hides the X disk.

Important Note: When using the above method, the RECYCLED UDrives will be automatically created in the D disk root directory, and the RECYCLED directory and UDrives files can not be deleted, because the contents of the X disk are hidden in it, if deleted, then the contents you stored in the X disk before will disappear. You can hide the RECYCLED directory so that you don’t lose sight of it.