Basic Templates and Explanations for WordPress Theme Making


Style. css: CSS (style sheet) files, generally including topic declarations and generic CSS style code
Index.php: Home page template, commonly used as the home page of a website
Header. php: Header template, which is generally a common part of the head of all pages
Sidebar. php: sidebar template, which generally displays widget widgets
Footer. php: Footer template, usually with “About Us” page links, copyright declarations and statistical code, etc.
Archive.php: Archive/Category template for displaying catalogues of articles under classification
Single.php: Post template
Page.php: Page template
Comments.php: Message/Reply Template
Searchform. php: Search form templates, which are the search boxes we see
Search.php: Search results template
404.php: Not Found Error Page Template
Author.php: Author’s article catalog page listing an author’s article is especially necessary for multi-author blogs
Functions.php: template function, which stores the function module used in the topic, plays an important role.
Attachment. php: Attachment template page, WordPress image or other uploaded files will be given an attachment ID. If you choose to link to the attachment page when inserting the image, the theme will not contain the template when it will be wrong.