Basic Skills of WordPress Blog Blackproof


According to the latest news, by 2014, the scale of virus growth has become a high point in recent years for the first time, which shows that the network security is not as strong as imagined. Especially now, many self-Media advocates, because many self-Media experts are not professional network technology background, many are journalists or writers. So the maintenance level of computer websites is still relatively poor, which leads to these independent blogs become an important place for hackers to attack.

Especially at present, the most outstanding WordPress platform in building individual independent blogs has become the focus of hacker attacks, so it is particularly important to strengthen the anti-blackout ability of WordPress platform. This paper is based on this idea to enhance the anti-blackout of independent bloggers who are not very proficient in network security knowledge. Black level, so that their own media become an important platform for making money.

Anti-black tips 1: Must install anti-virus software, and to automatically update the latest virus library. Although the current Windows version of WordPress does not have its own anti-virus software, you can install a free version of anti-virus software in the website space, such as AVG or 360 Security Guard website version. In this way, we can effectively enhance the anti-blackout ability of website space.

Anti-Blackness Skills 2: For the attacked pages to be timely saved to their own computers, the main reason for doing so is to submit to the Internet, especially some anti-virus software platform to submit, so that these anti-virus software as soon as possible to provide homicide or upgrade the virus library to enhance anti-blackness capabilities. The specific method is to save the pages through file-page and then choose to save all the pages. Of course, try not to save them to disk C, and then upload these pages to the anti-virus platform, so as to seek help, but also to alert other colleagues.

Anti-Blackout Tip 3: Download the latest version of WordPress and delete unnecessary files on the server. Because WordPress and database are separated, there is no need to worry about the data in the database. Independent blog webmasters must backup their own databases regularly, or set up automatic backup through software, so that even if the database is attacked, it can also be restored. After updating WordPress, when cleaning up the files, it is important to keep the following files: stats folder, wp-content folder, htaccess file and wp-config.php file.

Anti-Blackout Tip 4: Install the latest version of WordPress downloaded into space. At this point, you can upload all the contents of the wp-content folder through FTP software. If there is no FTP software, FTP software can also be downloaded on the network, and then set the password and password in the space according to the wizard. Of course, you can also change the password and password, because after being attacked by hackers, changing the account name and password is one of the important anti-black actions. When the FTP software is set up successfully, the WordPress main program file can be uploaded to the space. When WordPress is successfully uploaded, you can refresh your website. At this time, you will find that your website has been restored, and effectively enhance the anti-black ability of the website.

In short, most of the current problems of virus and hacker attacks are due to the lack of super-security awareness of webmasters themselves. For example, when some websites set passwords, they are often simple “123456”. Such passwords are naturally easy to calculate by password cracking software, or even less than a second. Enough to calculate, so many hacker attacks are their own security awareness is not in place, as long as enhance security awareness, then the blog under the WordPress platform is relatively safe. This article is written by the WordPress theme It specializes in providing personalized WordPress theme, and has a good security architecture to make your personal independent blog shine.

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