Basic DOS command


1、 Open CMD mode

  1. Click start, find the windows system, expand and select the command prompt
  2. Win key + R key, enter CMD in the open pop-up box, and click OK
  3. Select the folder, hold down the shift key, right-click and select here to open the shell window
  4. Enter CMD in the address bar of resource manager or add CMD before the address and press enter

2、 Common DOS commands

  1. Switch the drive letter. Enter the existing drive letter on the command line to switch to the corresponding drive letter
  2. View all files in the current directory
  3. Change directory
    #CD directory name switch with the same drive letter
    #Switching CD / D directory names across drive letters
    #CD.. return to the previous directory
  4. Clear screen
  5. Exit terminal
  6. Other orders
    #Ipconfig view computer IP
    #Calc open calculator
    #Mspaint opens the drawing tool
    #Notepad open Notepad
    #ping  Test whether the network is normal
    #MD folder name create folder (make directory)
    #CD > file name to create a file
    #Del file name delete file
    #Rd folder name remove directory