Baidu super chain takes the lead in the construction of electronic contract deposit and certificate standard, and promotes the digital development of contract signing


Baidu super chain takes the lead in the construction of electronic contract deposit and certificate standard, and promotes the digital development of contract signing

Recently, the 2020 blockchain technology and application summit and the 4th China blockchain development competition results conference was held in Hangzhou,The conference released the application guide for electronic contract deposit of blockchain (hereinafter referred to as the guide) led by Baidu super chain.

The guide defines the general principles for the application of electronic contract certificate storage in terms of privacy protection, compliance, effectiveness, traceability and security, and describes in detail the form and content of the certificate storage data, as well as the key technical processes such as the chain up and evidence collection of the electronic contract certificate storage data. In addition, the construction model of judicial extension service is also provided for how to link the electronic contract blockchain certificate with the Internet court trial, and with the notarization department to strengthen the notarization. So as to provide an important implementation reference for the application of blockchain technology specification in the field of electronic contract.

In recent years, faced with the problems of high cost, low efficiency, time-consuming, easy to fake and difficult to prevent forgery, many enterprises have turned to electronic contract signing. The application of electronic contract will greatly reduce the signing cost of market entities and improve efficiency. However, its compliance safety and judicial recognition have become the most concerned issues of enterprises and other contracting parties.Baidu super chain is committed to the construction of E-contract deposit certificate standard, and at the same time, it deeply cultivates technological innovation. Based on blockchain technology, it introduces super chain trusted certificate storage, which directly attacks the pain points of traditional contract data storage, making enterprise transactions more efficient, safer and more credible. Baidu super chain trusted storage certificate, using the blockchain permanent storage, can not be tampered with the characteristics of the original electronic documents after encryption hash value storage chain, using technical means to improve the authenticity of the data credibility, solve the traditional contract storage certificate is not safe, untrue, easy to be broken and other business pain points.

Relying on Baidu’s self-developed, safe and controllable underlying technology of the super chain, the leading high-performance of the super chain industry can support a large amount of electronic contract data, and the national secret algorithm can effectively protect contract privacy. In addition, the super chain can connect with the judicial institutions to realize the identity authentication and the judicial litigation service in the later stage of the electronic contract. The super chain trusted certificate has been connected with Beijing Internet court, Guangzhou Internet court and other judicial institutions, forming a complete electronic evidence closed loop, with legal effect, and can be directly used for judicial rights protection services. So as to provide enterprises and institutions with high credibility, high authority, simple and easy-to-use blockchain certificate storage, forensics, verification of the whole process services.

At present,Baidu super chain trusted storage supports documents, pictures, videos, electronic contracts and other types of data directly uploaded to the certificate, and SDK calls.All kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises can also query directly on the chain to protect their legitimate rights and interests and improve the efficiency of business promotion.

In addition, baidu super chain trusted storage certificate is also used in Baidu Encyclopedia, hairy crab authenticity identification, cultural relics digital copyright and other fields. With the technical advantages, let each “Li Gui” have no foothold, and accelerate the development of digital transformation of contract signing.