Baidu super chain officially released the open network white paper, committed to building an open and win-win blockchain new ecology


On August 4, the online release of Baidu super chain open network white paper was officially launched. The conference revealed the product strategy, open network technology concept and ecological cooperation scheme of Baidu super chain.

Baidu has always believed that blockchain is the infrastructure of link trust in the future, and open network is the core form of the infrastructure operation. The open network will build an open and win-win ecology, provide docking capabilities with judicial, financial, advertising and marketing industries, so that small and medium-sized enterprises and developers can better develop on the Internet. At the same time, the products that are ready to use and one click deployment, as well as Baidu’s ecological and resource support, will vigorously promote the construction of network credibility and open ecological development dividends, and realize the global expansion of network ecological applications Rapid growth and sustained prosperity.
Baidu super chain officially released the open network white paper, committed to building an open and win-win blockchain new ecology

Open network will become the infrastructure of “link trust”

With the trend of national strategy and policy, blockchain has been widely concerned in China, and technology research and application have entered a new stage of vigorous development. At present, the application of blockchain in China is mainly in the form of alliance chain, and multi parties participate in the sharing of data mutual trust, which puts forward more new requirements for the open network, because the open network is the basis for the realization of data equity and the construction of value Internet. Xiao Wei, an outstanding scientist and general manager of blockchain of Baidu, said in the press conference:“In the future, the whole open network should be based on the public chain, link countless alliance chains, and build a large interconnected network. And Baidu super chain, in the beginning with this network form of networking capabilities

Baidu super chain officially released the open network white paper, committed to building an open and win-win blockchain new ecology
(Xiao Wei, baidu outstanding scientist and general manager of blockchain)

It is reported that Baidu’s blockchain solution is Baidu’s own intellectual property rights, including three products: super chain professional version, super chain open network and industry solutions. At present, it is fully open-source and has built a wealth of industry cases in many scenarios. Among them, the super chain open network (xuperos) is a blockchain basic service network based on the open source technology independently developed by Baidu. It is composed of super alliance nodes distributed all over the world. It conforms to Chinese standards. It can provide users with an environment for rapid deployment and operation of blockchain applications, and has the elastic payment ability for computing and storage resources, which can directly reduce user deployment And operation and maintenance costs, making trust links more convenient.

Baidu super chain open network is the next generation blockchain network, which is based on the open network and based on baas. It has four advantages: security, stability, high performance, flexibility, convenience, low threshold, low flexible payment cost, and strong public trust of nodes, which effectively reduces the use threshold and cost of developers and small and medium-sized enterprises.

It is understood that at present, there are 17 super nodes deployed in Baidu’s super chain open network nationwide, the number of IOT terminal equipment access has exceeded 140000, the network data level has reached 1 billion, the number of enterprises paying for access has also exceeded 1000, and the daily call peak of active applications has reached 10 million times, and it has the network credibility recognized by authoritative institutions, which can support traceability, points, certificate storage, etc Commercial application scenarios are implemented.

Realize the scene landing, enabling all walks of life

As a technology to construct trust, blockchain will change the way of value transmission of human society and reshape the operation mode of many industries or fields. At the meeting, Xiao Wei also described the positive exploration and landing cases of Baidu super chain open network in the fields of smart campus, advertising, justice and so on.

Taking the field of education as an example, Zhejiang Zhengyuan Smart Technology Co., Ltd. launched the first smart campus DAPP e-campus based on Baidu super chain open network, which realized the trusted storage of Baidu super chain of campus virtual card transaction record data, and provided a higher security transaction mechanism for payment transaction and fund settlement in campus scene, which was convenient for students, teachers and businesses to query and check accounts 。

In the field of advertising, how to determine whether the advertisement has been played, the number of times and the location of the advertisement after putting in the offline advertisement? Traditional solutions are “relying on people”, which is not only expensive, but also has the problems of manual recording error and authenticity to be verified. Based on the tamper proof and traceable features of blockchain technology, baidu super chain and Baidu juping upload, store and store the data such as the time and frequency of advertising in real time, and synchronize the platform and customers, so as to achieve “end chain connection” and eliminate manual intervention. In addition, AI technology is also used to improve the screen value, create a safe and real data closed loop, provide advertisers with more reliable delivery experience, and promote the traditional offline marketing reform. This is the first blockchain advertising monitoring case in China. Up to now, 140000 devices and 1 billion advertising data have been put on the chain.

At the same time, the open network has a wide range of credibility and docking judicial capacity. Based on the open network, it provides law firms and other institutions with the ability to store certificates at the bottom, and uses chain cross chain technology to open up justice, so as to ensure the authenticity and credibility of data from generation, storage, transmission and submission.

Building “open and win win” blockchain network ecology

The construction of blockchain ecology and the development of the industry can not do without the joint efforts of everyone, and the lack of ecological capacity needs to be complemented by partners. As one of the core products of Baidu’s super chain, open network has always implemented the ecological construction concept of “open and win-win”.

In the super chain open network,In the construction of super blockchain, they can be the service providers of their own network; or they can be the providers of their own super blockchain, which can be used as their own network construction partners.More partners are welcome to make full use of their own resources to jointly build an open network with Baidu, enhance the network scale of the open network, and build a stronger social credibility.

On the innovation and development of blockchain enabling education, Professor Sun Daojun, director of the digital economy development research center of Communication University of China, said: “the integrated development of super chain industry and education can promote the structural reform of human resource supply side, recommend economic transformation and upgrading, and cultivate new energy of economic developmentBaidu super chain’s independent, controllable, open and win-win development strategy not only meets such requirements, but also reflects Baidu’s achievements in network performance, network scale, core technology patents and application fields. Meanwhile, the blockchain talent cooperation plan, which cooperates with China Telecom, is gradually building a blockchain talent ecosystem with multi-party value sharing, so as to achieve the goals of cooperation between enterprises and universities, connection of education and employment, equal emphasis on knowledge and strength, and parallel learning and practice. “

At the meeting, Li Zhichen, head of the Standing Committee of Julu County Party committee, and Chen Haoyang, chairman of Huayi kangdao, as partners of Baidu super chain, also shared some unique opinions on blockchain and Baidu super chain.

In the practice of block chain in Julu County, Li Zhichen introduced: “the application of data at the grass-roots level, the application at the grass-roots level, the effect at the grass-roots level, and the application of block chain in many aspects need to be tested at the grass-roots level. Strengthening the application of blockchain is the actual needs of the county and city. Therefore, based on Baidu’s super chain open network, we have created a “giant deer on the chain” app to improve the service level and efficiency for the people. “

Chen Haoyang believes that:“Baidu super chain open network has the advantages of decentralization, non tampering, openness, transparency and traceability. It helps us to better break the isolated island of medical information, solve the problems of medical fraud and lack of medical supervision, and bring new possibilities to the medical industry. “

Adhering to the concept of openness, empowerment and win-win, baidu super chain will join hands with many partners to build a new form of blockchain network. It will become the infrastructure of link trust with high openness and wide network scale. It will spare no effort to promote the comprehensive popularization of blockchain, implement public services, and make blockchain accessible. With the in-depth integration of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain and so on, Baidu will continue to play a good role as a platform company in the new infrastructure strategy, and promote the early arrival of intelligent economy.

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