Baidu super chain is invited to attend South Korea’s find 2019 Financial Technology Summit: open up international influence with China’s self-developed technology


Recently, find 2019 financial technology summit was held in Seoul, South Korea. Guests from all over the world and people in the industry discussed the development and trend of blockchain technology. The conference was supported by the South Korean ministerial government and attended by well-known technology enterprises and financial institutions such as Samsung and Woori Bank. Baidu senior R & D engineer was invited to attend and deliver a speech.

Baidu super chain is invited to attend South Korea's find 2019 Financial Technology Summit: open up international influence with China's self-developed technology

Baidu senior R & D Engineer first interpreted the overall structure of Baidu super chain. Based on years of research and exploration in the field of blockchain technology and application, Baidu has launched a blockchain solution with 100% independent intellectual property rights super chain. Super chain has the core technology of independent and controllable blockchain. It is an operating system level blockchain solution. It can provide users with the ability of out of the box blockchain technology and products. It has the advantages of independent and controllable technology, simple and easy to use, excellent performance and low use threshold. It also has the advantages of trusted deposit, digital copyright, clearing and settlement, supply chain finance, etc Digital assets and other multi scenario template service capabilities. Among them, the number of transactions per second processed by the single chain is 87000 TPS, and the overall network can reach 200000 TPS, which has passed the evaluation and Appraisal Institute of the national industrial information security development research center and reached the world-class level.

In order to better empower enterprises, developers and other users, in May this year, baidu officially opened up the super chain technology, including core patented technologies such as in chain parallel technology, pluggable consensus mechanism, account authority system, and integrated intelligent contract, to build a trusted ecosystem.

In addition, he also mentioned the relationship between blockchain technology and other advanced technologies, “the superposition and integration of blockchain and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of things will lay a new cornerstone for economic and social development, thoroughly change the generation mode of trust mechanism, and is expected to promote human beings from the era of information internet to the era of value Internet. Baidu has started the leading practice of blockchain + artificial intelligence, IOT and big data. For example, based on the non tamperability of the blockchain, the content copyright ecological platform is constructed, which changes the traditional content copyright protection mode, and can permanently write the copyright information of pictures, text, video and other works into the blockchain. Combined with Baidu’s leading artificial intelligence version theft detection technology, a copyright detection system is built to make the dissemination of works traceable It can be reprinted and monitored, and at the same time, it can provide better protection for high-quality original content.

After the meeting, Baidu’s senior R & D Engineer also accepted an interview with Chosun Ilbo. He said, “Baidu has made it easier for people to obtain information through the search engine. We now hope to make blockchain technology the cornerstone of trust in the digital society. In this process, we first insist on open source and opening up, so that China’s independently innovative blockchain technology can really be used by developers; The next is to further reduce the user’s use cost, help users better and simpler use of blockchain technology, and finally realize the deep integration of blockchain technology and industry, and build a trust society. “