Baidu Super Chain College is opening! The first lecture is How to Build Chains Quickly.


After Baidu Super Chain Xuperchain opened source, we felt the enthusiastic concern of the developers’partners, many of whom mentioned that they hoped to further understand the construction methods of Baidu Super Chain Network.

Today, Baidu Super Chain Xiao X sister and Baidu Senior Research and Development Engineer Jing sister bring you “Baidu Super Chain College Series Video Course – How to Rapidly Deploy Super Chain”.

Video courses are divided into three parts
First, how to build a chain quickly;
Lecture 2: TDPOS consensus mechanism;
Lecture 3: Development of Intelligent Contracts.

Following is the first lesson: how to build a chain quickly, welcome to watch (after logging into the video website, please choose “HD”)…

If you have any questions or want to know more about our video tutorials, you are welcome to join the Super Chain Developer Community. Adding group: add Baidu Super Chain Assistant Wechat (micro-signal: image-baidu), apply for validation password: technology forum into the group

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