[Baidu super chain college] a blockchain network, that’s right!


No need to build blockchain network by yourself
Support more complex contract deployment
Better performance and flexibility

What blockchain network is this? Dish it!

Baidu super chain with self research block chain bottom technology, get to know!
[Baidu super chain college] a blockchain network, that's right!

Last month, we officially released the super chain test environment, and many “crab eating” developers have actively signed up to participate in the public test. During the test, you gave us feedback on the difficulties and problems encountered. For example: “modification of public and private keys when building nodes”, “unclear description of addrs parameters”, “hope to implement restful API to reduce development difficulty”, etc.

This week, I joined hands with sister Jing, the “little sister X” I haven’t seen for a long time,We have produced the latest video course of super chain College – “take you to super chain test environment easily”。 In the process of video production, we also refer to the doubts and difficulties mentioned by you to explain and summarize together.

This course is divided into two parts,Today’s first part: “how to create a contract account”。 The second half, “summary of smart contract use and permission use” will also be released this week.

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[Baidu super chain college] a blockchain network, that's right!

You can also download the course to local for viewing,

Link: https://dwz.cn/R6DAsdIv Password: 8gkmte

In addition, while watching the video explanation, you can also refer to the detailed explanation documents below to fully understand and master the course content.


[Baidu super chain college] a blockchain network, that's right!

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The registration of super chain online public beta is still in progress,
Developers can add Baidu Super Chain Assistant (wechat: image Baidu),
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