Backup tools

  1. mysqldump1) Both enterprise edition and Community Edition contain 2) SQL statement is used to describe database and data and export 3) MyISAM engine locks table and InnoDB engine locks row 4) it is not recommended to use when there is a large amount of data
  2. mysqlhotcopy(physical backup tool) 1) Enterprise Edition and community version both contain 2) a script written by Perl, which essentially copies data after using lock table statements. 3) only supports the MyISAM data engine
  • Backup tools in enterprise installation package:mysqlbackup1) Online backup 2) incremental backup 3) partial backup 4) consistent state backup at a specific time
  • Third party backup toolsXtrabackup and innobackupex 1)XtrabackupIs a data backup tool for InnoDB, supportsOnline hot backup (data reading and writing will not be affected during backup), is a good alternative to the commercial backup tool InnoDB hotbackup. 2)XtrabackupThere are two main tools:xtrabackup、innobackupexa. Xtrabackup can only back up InnoDB and xtradb data tables,MyISAM type cannot be backed upTable. b. Innobackupex is a Perl script that encapsulates xtrabackup, so it can back up the storage engine that processes InnoDB and MyISAM at the same time, but a read lock is required when processing MyISAM.
  • mydumperSQL backupMultithreaded backup tool 6, 2015 (last updated)