Azkaban report error- azkaban.executor.ExecutorManagerException : No active executors found



2019/05/09 21:50:07.380 +0800 ERROR [ExecutorManager] [Azkaban] No active executors found
2019/05/09 21:50:07.380 +0800 ERROR [StdOutErrRedirect] [Azkaban] Exception in thread “main”
2019/05/09 21:50:07.380 +0800 ERROR [StdOutErrRedirect] [Azkaban] azkaban.executor.ExecutorManagerException: No active executors found
2019/05/09 21:50:07.381 +0800 ERROR [StdOutErrRedirect] [Azkaban]  at azkaban.executor.ActiveExecutors.setupExecutors(
2019/05/09 21:50:07.381 +0800 ERROR [StdOutErrRedirect] [Azkaban]  at azkaban.executor.ExecutorManager.setupExecutors(
2019/05/09 21:50:07.381 +0800 ERROR [StdOutErrRedirect] [Azkaban]  at azkaban.executor.ExecutorManager.initialize(
2019/05/09 21:50:07.381 +0800 ERROR [StdOutErrRedirect] [Azkaban]  at azkaban.executor.ExecutorManager.start(
2019/05/09 21:50:07.381 +0800 ERROR [StdOutErrRedirect] [Azkaban]  at azkaban.webapp.AzkabanWebServer.launch(
2019/05/09 21:50:07.381 +0800 ERROR [StdOutErrRedirect] [Azkaban]  at azkaban.webapp.AzkabanWebServer.main(



No active executors were found. You need to set the active value of the executors table with port 12321 in MySQL database as

update azkaban.executors set active=1;


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